Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Ecommerce Business

Website development is a tricky work that requires a lot of effort and brain streaming to implement the right platform. The website design could be simple in some cases, but it would be not a story of Ecommerce. The online shopping business is on a high level of craze among the users. The real work is always done after the launching of the store. The eCommerce website development company in India curves out the best design structure.  

There could be some mistakes that could ruin your business while significantly damaging your online reputation. Check out these mistakes as follows.

No logo

The logo is the first noticeable thing that your visitor likes to see. It is an icon that represents your business. Therefore, you must hire a professional logo maker for your website. This not only makes your business noticeable but also leaves out an impression. In India, there are many professional logo designers who work for eCommerce development companies in India.

No images

In reality, no visitor is interested in reading long blogs and other content. The first impression on any visitor is always done with images. The beautiful and attractive images on any website always provide the best conversation to the visitor as compare to words. Most of the site developers neglect images but in eCommerce, pictures are playing a vital role and one of the important factors in the eCommerce business.


In today’s digital era, SEO and digital marketing are playing a vital role in gaining the desired website position. Just implementing the website and filling out all the contents is not enough at all. Further steps should be taken to make an online reputation in the internet world. Most of people take SEO as just a process of adding keywords and good content but that’s not enough at all. There are many strategies behind the SEO process. You could ask any E-commerce website development company in India for SEO service.

Not understanding your target audience

You have everything perfect in your website designing and SEO but one of the most important things is that you must understand your target audience. All business owners must have a deep understanding of the market. Also, they must have a clear goal about targeting customers. This will give rise to new wings to your eCommerce business.

Not making the site compatible for mobile devices

Believe it or not but if you forget to make your website compatible with the mobile device you could lose about 40 to 50% of your customers. Every person is using a mobile device and most of them are likely to access the eCommerce website from their mobile. So to optimize the website for the mobile is one of the important factors for the Ecommerce business.

Not A/B testing

A/B testing is another important factor to be considered during the Ecommerce website. In this step, two versions are tested on the two different groups of consumers. The feedback is then monitored and recorded. It is the best way to improve the overall shopper experience. It is not limited to the product only.

Use of too many Pop-Ups

Advertisements are a great way to earn money on the site. Attractive and informative advertisements in the form of Pop up are an effective way to catch the user’s attention. But care must be taken to avoid the overuse of pop-ups ads. Most eCommerce development companies put too many pop-ups on the site. If your site has too many pop up notifications it could be the wrong impact on the user and visitors will take a single minute to leave the site.

Last word

So these are some common mistakes which developers could make while making an eCommerce website. For a good business, it is necessary to avoid these types of errors. Work on these factors and watch your online shopping business to the new height. If you are dealing with any eCommerce Web development company in India then ask them to work on these factors. Just keep these facts in mind and expand your eCommerce business globally.