Don’t miss out on these five remarkable things to do in Iloilo City

Don’t miss out on these five remarkable things to do in Iloilo City

Iloilo City, a popular tourist attraction on Panay Island in the Philippines, is known for its historical sites, colonial churches, beaches, festivals, and food. The geographical location of the city right in the center of the Philippines gives it the sweet moniker “The heart of the Philippines.” The city also earned another sobriquet, “The City of Love” because of the friendly and lovable Ilonggos who inhabit the place. Iloilo was ranked number one in the happiness index by Human Development Index (HDI) in 2009. Aren’t you excited for a joyful getaway in ‘The City of Love?’ An extraordinary travel experience awaits your presence, book flights to Iloilo as soon as possible. If you are traveling to the city for the first time, check out the top five things to do in Iloilo.

Take a tour of old Iloilo:

Walk along the JM Basa Street, also known as Calle Real, to discover the old-era charm of the currently urbanized city. A Street that has preserved the Spanish and Commonwealth era buildings, standing the test of time and surviving the ravages of World War II, is beautifully restored to its previous glory, thanks to the renovation project taken up by the local government. The imposing International Hotel and Javellana Building have been featured on the covers of the magazine multiple times! Also, view the architectural splendor of the Iloilo City Hall and San Jose Church along Plaza Libertad.

Stroll along the Iloilo River Esplanade:

The riverside views are always admiring, but one more thing that you’ll want to appreciate when you stroll along the Iloilo River Esplanadeis the city’s efforts to promote an active and healthy lifestyle among its people. The esplanade stretching from Diversion Road to Carpenter’s Bridge along the Iloilo River is a multi-functional area that is perfect for a peaceful morning/evening walk/ jog, a family picnic or a romantic hangout.  The nearby coffee shops and restaurants are ideal for catching up with your friends. Don’t forget to click a picture near ‘I am Iloilo’ signage, a popular instagrammable place in Iloilo!

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Visit Jaro Cathedral and Molo Church:

The essential thing to do in Iloilo for history and architecture enthusiasts is to visit the landmark churches of the city – Jaro Cathedral and Molo Church. The age-old churches were recognized as historical and national landmarks by the National Historical Institute of the Philippines. Besides the architectural beauty, one more interesting characteristic of these churches is that Jaro Cathedral is dubbed ‘The Male Church’ and Molo Church as ‘The Female Church.’ This is because the inner walls of the Jaro Cathedral hold the statues of all-male saints, whereas a total of 16 images of female saints are housed in Molo Church.

Partake in the Dinagyang Festival gayeties:

Dinagyang Festival is one of the prominent festivals, popularly known as the “Queen of festivals in the Philippines.” Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of January, the events of the festival colorfully display Ilocano culture, religion, and rich heritage. The performers get dressed in resplendent costumes, dance in sync to the beats of drums, and deliver high-spirited performances.  You’ll love the aura and the ecstasy is infectious! Joining the celebration is the best thing to do in Iloilo because you now know you could not afford to miss the festive gayeties when you happen to be holidaying in the archipelago country in the month of January.

Explore the beaches and islands:

Iloilo is blessed with a number of unscathed beaches! Besides the majestic beaches of the Islas de Gigantes and its saltwater lagoon, the Concepcion Islands are worth a visit. They are a group of 16 islands in the Northern Iloilo featuring white sandbars, clear azure waters of the Visayan Sea, and rich marine life and coral reefs. The isolated location of these islands in the peace of green mountains and hills is what allures the solitude-seekers. And the perfect thing to do in Iloilo for you is going on an Island-hopping tour! Visit Malangabang, Agho, Sipol and Bulubadiangan Islands. There’s good news for adventurous enthusiasts too! These islands are also the best places to try snorkeling and scuba diving.


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