Ecommerce Actionable Marketing Tactics To Drive More Online Sales

Ecommerce Actionable Marketing Tactics

If you are running an online store then you must be wanting traffic and more audience on your page. Every online store wants to increase the conversion on their page. For more audience, applying basic strategies might not be enough. There is a list of tactics from experts that you can follow to bring in more traffic to your website.

Ecommerce marketing is the act of utilizing special strategies to direct people to your online store, changing over that traffic into paying clients and holding those clients post-buy. Digital Marketing procedure is comprised of promoting strategies both on and off your site. You can promote your online store by utilizing e-commerce business tools for trading in general or to drive more deals for explicit items. The following is a synopsis of a couple of practical plans to attempt.

Prompt Sellings

Have you ever seen premium deals on websites? This is prompt selling. During online shopping, you might have seen an option of “would you like to upgrade your deal or product? Ecommerce marketing has this upselling tactic of growing sales. Make sure that your customer is aware of the products and deals you have. The upselling approach is the digital marketing approach that is more effective for acquiring a new set of consumers. Sometimes, customers are unaware of your premium or high-quality products. This helps in making them understand how premium or better quality than the last product will benefit them.

For instance, if your product is a watch and it is moderately priced and made of zinc but your premium watches are made of stainless steel then you would want your customer to know the difference. This is an upselling approach for digital marketing. The product should be a need for your customer and meet the expectations of consumers.

Incorporate The Social Media

With 3.5 billion worldwide users on social media, people are getting more engaged through the internet. Facebook with its 2.7 billion users actively using social media and 500 million users on Instagram is communicating through digital media. Instagram is the fastest digital app growing these days. With millions of users and thousands of influencers, marketing and advertising have become way too easy.

If you know how to capture the audience’s attention, captivating posts then you are running the floor. This might include going behind the scenes of product development or giveaways or starting campaigns or contests of your products and engaging the consumers. By giving highlights of upcoming events you can grab the attention of your customers. You can also pay to play with Instagram and create fun activities for your followers. Instagram stories are the most seen thing on social media by the followers and this gives a direct effect on customer’s actions for buying.

Slash the Lonely Carts

It’s a habit of customers to abandon their carts while shopping. This puts a very bad effect on the website. It seems to other customers that your website is not worth enough of shopping. This aspect is deeply studied and well known by the analysts. It has been noticed that half of the buying percentage goes down with this activity and you lose a good amount because of this.

To reduce this activity, start sending emails to the customers who slash their carts. Make an email draft like “Would you like to come back to our product?” and send it to your customers as a remainder. If the comeback, this will lessen the number of carts on the page.  Moreover, to lessen this activity on the online store, you can offer a free shipping service or discount on products for them. Discount is an intriguing activity for the customers and 80% of customers come back to their carts organically.

Originate a Facebook Store

With the arrival of Instagram and other fast social media platforms, Facebook is less used these days. But Facebook is still considered a reliable source for social media marketing and eCommerce marketing. In digital marketing, Facebook is considered one of the trusted platform. With its 4.2 billion users actively using the platform, it is a reasonably honest method of increasing sales.

A Facebook online store is an organic way of getting followers and bringing up the sale. It’s easy to access for customers and almost everyone has Facebook in their hands which is accessible at any moment.

Grow Your Email Engagement

We know that when we make a customer, we keep them up to date. We keep sending them emails and get them engaged with new products, services, and activities. But the only purchase is not enough to keep engaging a customer. It is necessary to remind them of your presence on every occasion. Just like in many online websites and brands, they keep sending emails. You can send emails too on different occasions. Like, send them an email if they purchase any product or service from you, craft a welcome email, and send it to them. If it is Christmas or Eid or a public holiday, send them an email. It is not necessary to always send them a promotion or discount email, you can ask them about their health as well. And if the consumer is absent for a long time then you can send a recalling email too. It all depends on how you want to engage your audience.

Send your regular and high valued customers a personalized note of appreciation for helping them grow their business. If someone visits your website but doesn’t but anything, ask them how you can improve. Provide gift hampers and promo codes to your valuable customers. This will increase their interest and emotional effect on buying your products.

Make The Vision Clear

You should know about your services and what kind of audience you are going to deal with. If you know your customers, you will make your vision clear on your website. If your website is not enough clear like the font is too small to read or the designed pictures are not enough visible, your customer is not going to get a good impression of yours. You need to be careful about it.

If you are putting a lot of pictures on one page, it can be trouble for your visitors. If your prices are not mentioned it can be a problem for them. But your designs are not enough appealing or you have improved dimensions but design mistakes are still there, you are still in trouble. Make sure that your content should be correct from all angles.

Let’s Chat

Do you know how good is the impression live chat gives to your visitor? Definitely an amazing impression. Imagine going to someone’s house and getting a warm welcome and good drinks? You will come back with more love and affection for them. Same the case is with a viewer on your website. When you open an option for them to chat live and talk about the services and products, it gives them a holistic view of your online store. It makes them feel homely with your website and they keep coming back to your services.

So, are you ready for eCommerce marketing?


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