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Everything You Need to Know about UHT Milk

Finally, people are getting more aware in terms of health and fitness. The essence of good health is in the diet and proper nutrition. Delhi’s life is, as usual, hectic and demanding. Even commuting to a workplace requires energy and stamina. That’s why it’s vital to have a fitness regime as an essential part of your routine to stay in regular momentum. Most people have taken a smart approach to choose what deserves to be on their kitchen shelf, and dairy products are the ones they need daily. Today, many dairy companies have turned to a reliable form of milk aka, UHT Milk, that stays healthy for a long time so that they offer people with a year-round option to maintain their health.

Here is everything you need to know about UHT Milk:

What UHT Milk or Pasteurized Milk?

Boiling is the first step everyone follows to eliminate impurities or sterilize the milk, and that’s what UHT milk is in technical terms. It’s just boiled at Ultra-High Temperature. Not only milk but most liquid foods also undergo a similar process. The reason behind treating milk above 135 °C is to make it bacteria and enzyme-free. Ultra-High temperature processing of milk eliminates the unhealthy or unfriendly microorganisms within seconds. Merely a few know about this process (the ones health-conscious), and that’s why they prefer to Buy UHT Milk online in Delhi NCR.

Features of UHT or Long-life milk 

The UHT milk is obtained by several treatment methods so that it can last longer in the refrigerator. It can also sustain in a cooled environment, say in winter without a fridge. UHT milk benefits are the same as any other type of milk, and it contains the same essential nutritional value.

The difference that separates regular milk from UHT milk is the method of processing. Fresh pasteurised milk is heated to 74°C for around 15 seconds, while the UHT milk gets treated to 140°C for just a couple of seconds and then packaged in a container that’s specifically made to retain the milk’s value (about 6 months).

  • UHT Milk comes with reduced fat, full-fat, or even low-fat content.
  • It is 100% free from microorganisms.
  • It can be used like regular milk from a dairy farm within seven days from treatment.  

Nutritional value of UHT Milk

Surprisingly, UHT milk has the same nutritional value as regular milk. However, the benefits also depend on natural factors such as farm environment, animal nutrition, genetics, etc.

  • Like regular milk, UHT milk has 87% water, 4 to 5% lactose, 3% protein, 3-4% fat, 0.8% minerals, and 0.1% vitamins. (However, the contents may vary depending on the nature and genetics of animals). The vital nutrients that everyone looks for in every type of milk are high-quality proteins, Calcium, Vitamins B2 and B12, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  • All the high-quality minerals, proteins, fat, and Vitamins present in milk are what everyone needs while dealing with their busy schedule.

Different Types of UHT Milk

Now, there are choices to Buy UHT Milk Online in Delhi NCR depending on its types.

UHT Milk is Available in:

  • Whole Milk:35% Fat/litre
  • Semi-skimmed Milk: between 1.5% and 1.8% fat/litre
  • Skimmed Milk: less than 0.5% fat/litre

What are the benefits of UHT Milk?

Treating milk at Ultra-high temperatures renders multiple benefits that everyone looks for ideally. Some of the benefits are palpable within a week of consumption. Especially in a metropolitan area, who would want to spend minutes to boil their fresh milk and get it ready for breakfast? People like everything on the go as they leave to work and kids leave for their schools.     

1. UHT Milk is pre-Processed

Think of it — the packaged UHT milk is already bacteria-free that makes it easy for everyone to just pour it in the glass and drink it. A few seconds of processing saves a lot of time. Add it to coffee, prepare a cup of tea, or simply, drink it straight, there are plenty of options to add UHT milk to instant brews. 

2. Store it longer

When it comes to storage, there are no limits to that. Generally, a container of milk can last for about 24 hours. And milk is something everybody needs to grab out of the fridge. On the other hand, UHT milk stays odour-free and retains its quality and nutritional value for longer than anyone can imagine. Compared to regular milk, UHT milk outweighs the former in terms of value and longevity. However, consumers are advised to consume it within a week from purchase (that’s the maximum time one usually keeps milk in their fridge).

Where to Buy UHT Milk online in Delhi NCR?

After eliminating the heat-resistant organisms in milk, the milk is packaged and shipped to the market. In Delhi NCR, there are a limited number of outlets to buy it. Customers can Buy UHT Milk Online in Delhi NCR by placing an order at It’s now possible to get the best of dairy products in Delhi NCR anytime.