Facts to Consider While Using Shop Signage for Better Business


What draws you to a particular brand or its products when you are passing a billboard on the road? The answer will be a catchy phrase or tagline and probably the name of the brand. The signboards of stores play a great role in promoting the business regardless of whether you run a big chain or a small shop. The large chains market their brand by incorporating new offers and product pictures on the signboards because people recognize them right away. In case of small businesses, you need to put up an interesting shop signagethat can speak on behalf of your services.

When it comes to add signages, some business owners like to play it cool by adding some creative or trending quotes and some just mindlessly scribble something down on the board. It is which one performs better. So, before you hire a professional sign maker or painter to get the signages done, you need to follow a few steps.

Shop Signage Dos and Don’ts

The idea is to know your target customer base and use the proper shop signageto attract them. While a millennial or an unmarried adult earning good will go for discounts and impulse buying, a senior or a middle-aged family person will shop only what is needed.

  • Attract Customers with Offers

Clothing, cosmetics, books, healthcare products, wine and toiletries are some of the things that is a need for people often splurge on. A signage with these items on sale attracts up to 88% more customers. The sign should be attractive with discount highlighted with bold colours like red, black, neon, orange, royal blue etc.  

  • Legible Sign with Clear Message

None likes a shop signagethat has grammatical errors, letters somewhat scribbled carelessly, or dull colours used in it. The common practices include adding a sophisticated yet legible font without too much cursive or decorative elements so that customers can read that from far away.

You can use customised signages that will provide a unique identity to your business. Catalogues are also available with the professionals that can help you in preparing the best kind for your business or shop.

  • Use Tagline to Tell About Your Business

The tagline on the shop signage should speak enough about your business. Just consider how popular the taglines of the international chains are and see how they have incorporated the phrase with their logo. If you run a food store, the tagline should be related to taste or food and similarly, if it is a clothing outlet, the tagline should reflect fashion sense. 

  • Show Your Style and Vibe Through Signs

Apparently, a medicinal supply store or a grocery shop signage will have a more individual professional approach in style showing on the signage boards. Each profession has its own symbolic profile or logo which can be generated by the professionals who are experienced.

  • Signage for Different Sections

A shop sign on the outside is directed towards the onlookers and helping people locate the store. Signages inside are more intimate with some details about the business. Besides, you can use directional shop signageto instruct customers about the location of different sections, be it for products or for cash counter, entry, exit etc. Know where to put up the signages for better visual and use compact details about the products, offers and more, so that customers are compelled to visit. Instead of using pictures and logos from the internet, your custom logo and picture will get more attention while letting people know about your authenticity.


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