FAQ ask questions about Pets – including why cats don’t like water


Everyday people are asking questions about their pets as they want to know more about their pets. The vets out there are striving hard to take best care of the pets.

Here is the FAQ list compiled for you so that you can get all your questions cleared. Here you go:

  1. What kind of cat and dog food is recommended?  

There are various great brands available in the market. The recommendation is dependent on the results they are giving to the cats and dogs. It is highly recommended that the dogs and cats should get the premium diets such as Eukanuba, Iams, Science diet and Purina. Usually, the diet of the pet is specific from pet to pet. It is dependent on their dietary need so that you must select as per their needs.  

  • When there is a need to shift the pet to the adult food?

There is no need of shifting them too early as it can cause obesity in your pets, and the gastro-intestinal issues. You can shift to the cat or dog adult food after 10 months.

  • Is there any necessity of bringing the cat or dog for yearly exam?

Well, it is recommended that you should bring your pet for yearly comprehensive exam so that the issues can be checked in time. The Vet will examine the hair coat, skin, ears, and eyes of your pet and then he will discuss if there are any issues with them that may not be apparent to you.

  • Is there any need of giving a year round for the flea and heartworm prevention?

There is an absolute need of doing so especially in the warm areas as both of these are present in the Gulf coast region. So, it is quite important that you should be bringing your pet for a yearly checkup for these two.

  • What to do in case of emergency?

In case of emergency you should call your local veterinary center and tell them about the emergency if they are on. They will get prepared ahead of time so that they can deal with the emergency.

  • What is the difference between bi-annual, annual wellness visits? Is there any need of signing up for the wellness packages?

As far as the annual exam is concerned, the pet is going to be examined from head to tail. All of the concerns will be discussed in the end if there are any issues. There may be some issues that can be detected during this exam, you may get the tests prescribed to get the detailed picture of what is going on. The bi-annual plan will get you to have two times visit per year and with less detailed checkup.

While talking about the wellness visit, all the tests and services are given on a discounted price. All of the potential health problems are detected so that they can be treated before they can become serious. It is going to be more affordable for you when you are doing it with the wellness plan so you should get one.

  • How many times a month should I give a bath to my pet?

Well, if there is no skin condition to your dog or cat, then you should give a bath once a month.

  • Is there any need of declawing the cat?

Well, it is not recommended that you declaw your cat, but there are a few conditions that declawing is necessary for the safety and health of your cat. If you want to get the best results then the all de-claws and Co2 laser is highly recommended for doing so. You should keep them in observation when you are doing so, and give them the pain control as well.

  • If there is a stray pet, what should I do?

You should check the tags or collar with the pet, if there is no such thing you should check the pet for the microchip. If that is not also present then you need to check for the animal shelter and you can leave the pet there, or you can also keep the pet at your home and can adopt it.

  1. When and why the fecal samples are needed?

You need to take the fecal samples and bring them with you when you are visiting for the annual checkup. Or when there is a doubt of GI. There are chances of some parasites that are not visible to the naked eye so the tests are imperative. As these parasites are transmittable to human partner so it is quite important to get the tests done.

  1. Why cats do not like water?

There are various reasons of cats not liking the water, there are many people who are asking this question that the cats are so clean then why they do not like water? Let us find out the possible reasons why the cats do not like water.

  • First of all, the water weighs the cat down as the whole coat can get drenched in water which is quite uncomfortable for the cat.
  • They are sensitive to odors so they may not like the chemicals of the tap water.
  • The cats actually fear the water because they have never experienced the water before. You should not push your cat to the water if it does not like getting soaked in the water. You can wash it with the soaked towel which would be quite easy to do.
  1. Is the appointment necessary to see the Veterinarian?

Well, the appointment will be necessary for the annual checkups. But, the walk-in appointments are also welcome, you only have to wait for your turn.  Moreover, the emergencies are taken as priorities but you should call ahead of time so that the vets can get prepared.

End note

Article was brought to you by ThePetPracticehttp://www.thepetpractice.com.au/ . The PerPractice is an Australian Perth based Vet that specialize in various veterinarian categories including Consultations, Surgery, Vaccinations and microchips, Diagnostic testing, Diagnostic imaging – Xrays and Ultrasounds, Dentistry, Reproduction, Hip, Elbow and Spinal Scheme X-rays, DNA Testing, Kennel Run, Wellness Plans and Mobile Consults.

So, these were a few questions you may have about your pet and you wanted to get them cleared so here they are cleared. If you have any more questions you can ask in the comments sections below and we will try hard to clear those as well.


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