Vaping has become one of the most fashionable trends in pubs and parks across many countries. More than tobacco cigarettes or cigars, vaporizing devices have become a foundation of pride for their users. Through glass and electronic components, vape kits need packaging that is both elegant and secure.  Customized vape cartridge boxes can be used as a kit for new flavors, accessory, or simply as valuable storage.
Foam Insert These inserts provide the best protection, make packing fast and simple and produce excellent product presentations.

Provides the best protection

They provide the ultimate impact protection for vapes during transportation and storage. It is chosen based on its weight, fragility, and how it is handled in. Once the variety of foam is selected, it is cut to fit the interior of the case to provide form-fitting protection for your vape. When it’s installed in the case, the form-fitting will contour to your product on both sides. It ensures it is fully protected from the impact.

Makes packing fast and easy

As the shape of the custom foam insert fits the shape of your vape, it makes a visual guide as to how the product should be packed. This makes it easier for new users and helps to ensure vape isn’t packed roughly. This method simplifies the packing process significantly. Rather than having to prepare the items by wrapping, you simply place the item in its form fitted slot. If properly cared for, the foam inserts can last for years. 

Product Presentation

Another benefit of using custom foam inserts is that it offers an impressive and professional presentation. Imagine you’re showing a product recently transported to a buyer. You dig it out of a wood crate full of vapes only to find that it’s broken. Would it make an impression on your client? Instead, you go to show him the product; it’s in a molded transit case with custom foam insert. You can easily pick the case, set it on the table, remove the lid, and lift it to show your buyer perfectly displayed like a museum piece.

Cardboard Insert

Cardboard inserts are the most preferred packaging materials for shipping products. They are used for packaging products irrespective of their size, shape, or weight. The boxes are made up of corrugated fiberboard. The recyclability and reusability distinguish them as the most favored packaging materials. Cardboard inserts have turned out to be a feasible and cost-effective the alternative in the times when the energy, fuel, and production costs are hiking gradually.
The inserts work like a cushion for the packaged vape providing safety against vibration, jerks, etc. Some other benefits of Cardboard inserts are listed down below.


•  The lightweight of cardboard inserts makes them easy to handle and move while packaging vapes, loading, and unloading.
• They offer protection to shipped vapes. The blend of rigidity and cushioning qualities makes them strong to prevent vapes’ impact during movement.

• They are highly affordable as the raw material required to make Cardboard inserts is cheap and readily available. They are the most cost-effective solution for packaging.
• They have graphic capabilities supporting printing options such as lithe, digital, and screen printing. Cigarette boxes for Vapes can also be easily available.
• They are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors suiting the requirements of clients. Thus, they serve as the most diverse packaging solution to cater to clients to buy for vaping equipment.
• Cardboard inserts are eco-friendly products that can be recycled and reused as compared to other packaging materials such as plastic blister packs etc. If you wish to buy or gift vapes to
your friends, you can reuse these inserts and save your money.
• They are tailored to be a perfect fit for your product.
• Custom designs provide a wide range of unique and innovative options.
• They are engineered to eliminate movement in transit, protecting your vapes.
• Removable options are available to allow use with existing packaging inventory.
• Can be essential to outer container, minimizing storage.
• Engineered to eliminate vibrations in transit, protecting your vapes.

Which vape slider to choose?

These packagings come wonderfully packed in custom vape boxes made up of different
materials like cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and decorate store shelves. These products are packed in tough mailer boxes to securely deliver and avoid any damage. You can choose the best solution for your packaging needs. There are separate and common benefits of cardboard and foam inserts like high quality, both side printing, counter-style boxes, etc. It all depends on personal preferences. These inserts not only useful for your use but also can be useful for gifting your friends or carrying during traveling. In the end, it all depends on your requirements.



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