Free Contact Form Plugins to Build Attractive Contact Us Page

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If you are not adding a contact form on your WordPress website, you are missing the most important element of your website. Its reason is that with the help of contact us page, we can easily generate leads, we can make sales and we can also understand the audience better. Either you are running a business website or you are running a personal website, you can’t underestimate the importance of contact form. The best way to add contact us page in your WordPress website is to use WordPress plugins. Here, we will discuss free contact form plugins for WordPress to make attractive contact us page.


WPForms is the best and user-friendly plugin to create a contact form. WPForms is easy to use and powerful plugin to create contact forms for your website. There are lots of benefits of using this WordPress plugin. First, it is providing the best drag and drop form for the users. With the help of its drag and drop form, you can easily create the best quality and user-friendly contact us page. Secondly, you can freely download and install this WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Its free version provides all the basic features which are necessary to create the contact us forms. Its premium version is also available. With the help of its premium version, you can easily enhance the functionality of the contact us pages. The most important features of this plugin are that it is providing smart conditional logic, file uploads and geo-locations to the users.

Formidable Forms:

It is known as the most prominent WordPress plugin to create the contact us page. Its reason is that to create a contact-us page for a website is a complex process but with the help of this plugin, you can easily make this process easy. With the help of this plugin, you can’t only create simple contact us page but you can also create complex contact page. Its reason is that this plugin provides necessary add-ons that are helpful for us to create advanced contact pages. The drop and drag interface of this plugin is also helpful to create some advanced forms like registration forms, profiles forms and surveys etc. This essential plugin is also helpful for advanced users because advanced users can easily display the user-submitted data with the help of this plugin.

Gravity Forms:

This essential WordPress plugin provides some advanced functionality features to the users. To provide the best solutions to the problems of the users, this essential plugin also allows the users to create complex contact us pages. While using this essential WordPress plugin, if you are facing some problems, you can get support from its FAQs, forums and email support system. These various means of support show us that we can get help when we want. Along with contact page, you can also create some other pages like surveys, web directories and surveys by using this plugin.

Ninja Forms:

This essential and freemium WordPress plugin allows the users to create contact us pages for their websites with little efforts. You can easily download and install this WordPress plugin from any official WordPress repository. After downloading this plugin, you can easily install it on all the websites. In the freemium version of this WordPress plugin, you will get only limited features. Anyhow, if you want to use its advanced features, you can buy its premium version. In the premium version of this WordPress plugin, you can get lots of functionality features like Freshbooks, SMS notifications and Salesforce etc. This WordPress plugin has an impressive support system. With the help of their support system, you can easily connect with their support representatives and find out the possible solutions to your problems.

Contact Form 7:

Recommended by a dissertation help provider company, Contact Form 7 is known as the oldest WordPress plugin to create the contact us pages. You can also download it easily from the WordPress plugin directory and install it on your website. The easy-to-use interface of this plugin is helpful for the users to create contact pages easily. Like Ninja Forms, you can also download this WordPress plugin and install it on as many websites as you can. As it is an older version of WordPress plugins, therefore, I recommend you to use other WordPress plugins instead of Contact Form 7. Anyhow, if you are a beginner and you want to add contact us page on your WordPress website, it is the best solution to you. There are several WordPress websites are available on the internet but you should use the official version of Contact Form 7.


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