Fun things to do with kids in Miami


The coastal city of Miami in south-eastern Florida, USA presents suitable weather for tourists around the year. If you are a beach lover, you are sure to be mesmerized by the Magic City every time you visit it. However, Miami is not just a regular tourist spot, it is also a paradise for children where they get to enjoy every bit of the scenic beauty with you. So, if you are planning a family trip for your vacation, be sure to look for the plane tickets to Miami and have a wonderful experience there along with your kids.

The best time to visit Miami is from mid-April to the end of November. The weather is pleasant and warm at this time, with a minimum amount of rainfall and humidity. You need to be extra careful while booking hotels and outdoor activities, keeping in mind that it must be kid-friendly. But Miami offers a welcoming ambiance for family vacations, with hotels and amenities designed to ensure safety and enjoyment. The following are some of the fun activities you can opt for in Miami with your kids:

  • Miami Children’s Museum: Located on Watson Island, this interactive museum has 14 different bilingual galleries for exhibitions. This is not just great for your kids, but you too will benefit from it as a family. It also hosts a lot of camps and classes on a regular basis. Admission is $20 for adults and children, while kids below 12 months can have free entry. Visit the kid’s special Educational Gift Store and grab your lunch from Subway, while you have a splendid time with your kids here.
  • Speedboat Adventures: The thriller Miami Speedboat Adventure departs from Downtown Miami daily at regular intervals. Children above three years are permitted for this ride which varies from 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half time sequence. While on this ride, you will be able to witness splendid views of Star Island, Stiltsville, Fisher island, Cape Florida Lighthouse, Venetian island, Biscayne Bay, and so much more. You can also view the stellar celebrity residences. This will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot miss.
  • Flamingo Park: This stellar park is located on Miami Beach, with a huge 36-acre area surrounded by the Atlantic on all sides. It is a paradise for nature-lovers as well as sports-lovers. The park comprises an aquatic play activity area, with swimming pools, slides, and fountains. Your kids are going to have a splendid time splashing water and playing around in the totally secured areas. If they fear water or just don’t agree to go into all of it, they can play around in a separate dry ground with parks and climbing walls.
  • Seaquarium: This oceanarium is located on the island of Virginia Key in Biscayne Bay. If you are an aquatic animal lover, you will find plenty of exciting views here with the tropical wings, Tortuga flags, penguin isle, seal and sea lion exhibitions, Caribbean flamingos, and tropical reef all throughout this place. Also, there are playground-themed ocean pirates which kids will find amusing to play in.
  • Jungle Island: Formerly called Parrot Jungle, this eco-adventure park is located on Watson bay and features a host of tropical animals. You will get to see tortoises, kangaroos, penguins, monkeys, and sloths all in a playful mood which excites your kid to observe them and pet them. there is a playground and a petting zoo, along with plenty of live shows which occur every now and then. It is a great place to visit with your kids and watch a group of tropical creatures relaxing themselves, or just playing around, or even some trained animals performing amusingly.
  • Barton G.: This gorgeous and elegant restaurant is located on West Avenue, and it features alfresco dining facilities. Though it is a bit costly, you can just visit there and have their popular desserts and carnival cakes. Your kids are sure to enjoy this slight meal, while they also wander around the green and lavish gardens in this area. You can get a view of the stupendous sea right from this location.
  • Fun Dimension: Given that Miami’s climate is a bit uncertain sometimes, and it may well begin to rain immediately after a scorching afternoon, you can visit this huge family entertainment center with its indoor fun games. You can have your child fully engrossed in the fun games and events, while you yourself will get ample opportunities to take pictures and feel the ambiance around. It comprises a bungee jumping area, 7D theatre, and a host of other interesting gaming zones. It will not be easy to have your kids wish to go back from this cool place!
  • Safari Edventure: Located at Homestead, this place is an animal sanctuary and educational center that is just great for your kids. They will get to learn a lot of global ideas and things while playing around or just observing things here. It has over 100 species of animals, all different and amazing in their living and habitat. Your kid can get to pet each one of them, as they are harmless and specially trained.

Miami is one of the best places to visit with your family. Your kids are specially going to have a superb experience with interesting places, all of which are their dream place to be. Miami also ensures 100% safety for you and your family throughout your splendid journey. So, just give it a good thought and start planning by booking plane tickets to Miami. You can contact My Tickets To India for this purpose. They will present a clear view of current trends according to your search. You just need to present your priorities and budget ideas to them, and they will compare several Miami flight tickets for you. If you are planning to have a great holiday in the Magic City, but cannot figure out how to do it, then just contact them for journey details and get the best price value for it. Your overall experience in your Miami trip will be worthwhile, while your kids get a host of interesting stories throughout their journey to share with friends and family.


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