Future Predictions of How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Reshape Our Lives

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

With the ever-growing innovations and technologies, the line between real-life and virtual life is actually getting blurred with time and this is going to impact our life big-time. These technological advancements are going to bring a major revolution in everyday life. This is the reason why Virtual Reality Development Company India is growing constantly as they are showcasing the futuristic life of the people. The technological and digital landscape is continuously accelerating, and developers have to keep track of what is trending and accordingly, they can create the opportunities.

Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles helps their developers to explore the opportunities in this growing area as that will help them to develop and design in a smarter way and make more informed and creative decisions. Below explained are the situations which explain that how this growing field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is going to impact the life of people,


XR can be called as an umbrella that enfolds Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, or everything else in between. The current technology of smartphones allows the users to relish the smoother AR and VR experience on their phone using the 5G network. Below mentioned are some of the major advancements in XR technology:

a) CLOUD XR and 5G

5G cannot be just considered as another version of 4G but it is a much more advanced version with increased capacity of transfer and improved latency and that too at a speed which is almost 100 times of that in 4G.

With the improvement in XR, many wearable devices are getting smaller in size and cheaper to use like AR glasses as Ray-Ban smart glasses to be introduced in 2021, VR and XR headsets are getting sleeker which makes them more user-friendly and affordable to a large number of potential customers.

The ever-booming cloud technology along with 5G has made it easy to transfer the heaviest of files in a span of seconds which has overall reduced the dependency on hardware.

b) LiDAR have brought AR closer to the user

LiDAR basically means Light Detection and Ranging which is actually used to create the 3D map of any environment. Thus, it will give details about the depth of AR designs rather than just seeing it as a flat graphic. It supports occlusion like in the game Pokemon GO, the reality merges with virtual, the human body blocking the character of Pokemon GO on the street. This makes the AR creations more realistic. Also, iPhone 12 and iPad Pro are now equipped with LiDAR technology itself.

c)XR enhancing the training experience.

Today, XR is being adopted in many companies irrespective of their field, be it in health and medical facility, Customer relation, the automotive field, soft skill training, corporate training, etc. Using XR for training basically gives the trainee a feel of the realistic situation and allows them to engage in the actual hazardous situations, for example, fire emergencies, etc. One of the best examples is that the company, WebCreek worked with TrainBeyond and developed a cross-device platform and it is currently being used for the Oil and Gas training at the actual sites.

d) Using XR in the Education field

Any skill or study is when learned through experience then it is long-lasting and more impactful. Suppose someone is learning Geography or History, and then the students just need to put on their headsets and visually the timeframe or geographic location they are studying about. Everything will be surreal for them which will help them to learn from the actual experience.

The company, Lenovo has already set up the VR Classroom system which gives the facility of managing the device, hardware, content, etc. designed as per the feasibility for the middle and higher schools. Google also recently added AR educational experience to their search engine which displays the products in 3D angle with the help of camera lens and AR software of Google. Thus, the learning experience is completely upgraded and enhanced, all because of XR.

e) XR is emphasizing on Convergence

Due to the ever-growing advanced technologies, at some point of time, it converges the multiple devices as one, be it your Smartphone, AR glasses, smartwatch, mobile VR headset. The XR glasses are primarily used for AR but occasionally can switch on to the VR mode. Soon the time will come when the glasses become the platform for both audio, and video transmission of the data.

 Tracking via eye and coordinating via hands are the two major aspects of the VR headsets. Using the hand detection technology, the users will be able to express themselves more. And the eye-tracking feature allows the system to focus on the quality of the image, the best resolution for clarity on those parts which are being viewed by the users. These overall turn beneficial and puts less burden on the system and also detect the bugs easily.

f) A set of XR accessories will be there to give a realistic experience

Robotic arms, Robotic boots are some of the XR accessories which are used by many manufacturing sets ups today to automate their manufacturing facility and make the work more efficient. For example, a startup company named Ekta VR has launched wearable robotic boots which when worn, then the user can match their movement with the headset, even if they are standing still. Thus, such accessories of XR can be called as an integral part of the XR technology.

g) The Human body is being merged with the XR technology

The advancement in technology is closing the gap between human beings and machines because machines have enabled the concept of virtual reality. One such innovation is done by the company named eNose- which copies the function of a human nose, and its application covers the range from lung health to the suppression technique of sniffer dogs. VR headsets, VR earbuds, VR Pods, and other such advanced accessories are slowly depleting the line between humans and technology. Another superb advancement is in the process, and that is the AR lens which one user puts into the eyes then they can visualize the things as these lenses will come with micro-LED displays and it will place the information in the eyes of the wearer.


As mentioned above the regular developments and advancements in the XR technology are providing not just access to the users but also available at a quite affordable rate. XR can be concluded as the process of converting information or knowledge into experience. The challenges of course are there but the benefit of the technology overcomes the same. Overall, the intelligence of XR has brought a next-level revolution in the business.


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