Get Skilled In Early Childhood Education With Diploma In Childcare Adelaide

Get Skilled: Early Childhood Education With Diploma In Childcare Adelaide

The childcare sector will witness a surge of job opportunities in the years to come. The job in this sector is genuinely essential, but still, it is not appreciated much. A child’s rapid development occurs in the first few years of its life. During this period, they are curious about everything, develop various skills, and learn the different aspects of this World. So, a childcare’s job is critical from the social as well as humane point of view.

If you want to start a career in the childcare sector, then it is pretty brilliant of you to take such a decision. But you may feel confused thinking about how to start. A diploma in childcare Adelaidecan be a viable option for you to take as this course will teach you various subjects related to child care.

What is the course of diploma in childcare education?

This specific childcare course Adelaide will enable you to work as an early childhood educator, where you can design the curriculum that you will use to support toddlers, babies, and preschool children. With this course, you can also implement and manage programs in childhood education according to your licensing, accreditation and specified duty of care requirements. This course is a full-time course that gets completed within 92 weeks.

If you enrol in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Adelaide, you can either attend on-campus or online classes, according to your choice of schedule. The course is available for both domestic as well as international students.

What are the necessary qualifications for a childcare worker in Australia?

You can do a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education in Australia to get employment as a childcare worker. But if you wish to get a role of a manager or director, you need to complete a diploma in childcare education from any reputed institute. Well, you can achieve a Certificate III course before you can apply for the certification. You can take the course through any on-the-job traineeship. Apart from these two courses, you can also take a Certificate IV course in School Age Education and Care.

During the course, you will learn various subjects like children’s development from a mental, physical and social point of view. You will also learn to plan to carry out child activities and the ethics code in childcare. The most significant advantage of this course is that you can get a job anywhere in Australia. 

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What will you study in a diploma course?

You will learn specific advanced skills related to early childhood care. Usually, there are a total of 28 units in this course, of which 23 are core units, and 5 are elective units. Among the core units, ‘Work legally and ethically’, ‘Ensure the health and safety of children, ‘Maintain work health and safety, ‘Develop cultural competence’, ‘Provide care for children, ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers are some of the few to mention. While the elective units are named ‘Work with diverse people’, ‘Support the holistic development of children in early childhood, ‘Support children to connect with their world’ etc. 

What are the entry requirements?

Well, you do not have to complete any specific childcare training to get enroll in this course. You can take a Certificate III course before this one, but that is not mandatory. You can directly apply to this course because the diploma course also covers the basic knowledge units taught in Certificate III. However, there are some usual requirements that you have to meet before applying. These are:

  1. Age requirement: Your age must be greater than or equal to 18.
  2. Clearance certificate: You must acquire a National Police Clearance or Australian Federal Police Clearance Certificate.
  3. Immunisation: This is a compulsory requirement for a professional experience placement.
  4. Computer skills: You need to learn some basic computer skills and programming.
  5. Academic qualification: You need to have at least a higher school passing certificate.
  6. English language requirement: If you’re from a non-English speaking country, you have to submit a test score of any of the internationally accepted English Languages tests like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

Certain physical conditions are necessary for the course certificate.

  1. Strength: You must be strong enough to assist in lifting or moving a client, and you should be able to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  2. Mobility: You have to be physically fit to move rapidly and to move in confined spaces.
  3. Hearing: You should be very careful to listen to alarms or help cries or other emergency cries. Hearing through a stethoscope to identify different sounds is also a requirement.
  4. Vision: As a care worker, you should have the ability to assess the client and the equipment.
  5. Communication: You have to be an excellent communicator, both in verbal and written formats.

What are the payment options for the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care?

For students with financial difficulties, there is an option to avail Student Loans. Other than that, there are also other payment options like payment plans and debt. For correct information, you should check on the official websites of the institutes that offer this course.

What are the job options you can get after completion of the Diploma course?

In the diploma course, you need to spend at least 240 hours in vocational placement in any registered Australian Early Education Care centres to get the certificate. You can get appointed in several managerial and administrative roles, including authorised supervisor in children’s services, children’s services coordinator, centre manager, childhood educator, director etc. If you want to study further, you may apply for Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Leadership.

Ending note

The childcare sector job is equally rewarding and satisfying. You can be assured of job security and a decent salary also. You can look for different childcare courses Adelaide offered online as well as on-campus. Get in touch with the best education consultants for professional assistance.