YouTube is a leading free video-sharing website that has billions of active users. When it was introduced in 2005, it was a big hit for young kids and children. 15 years later, the craze for this outstanding platform is still on the peak. Children spend most of their time on it watching educational videos, cartoons, and humor.

It indeed has so much good content to offer, but there’s tons of inappropriate content too that kids should not watch at any cost. Many parents think that this website is safe for children, but unfortunately, it’s not. When they use YouTube, they have easy access to both good and bad stuff. They can watch sexual, alcohol, and drug-related content.

However, the great news is that the website has restricted emotional distressing, abusive, and adult content. But, still, parents should keep a check on what their young kids and teens view on YouTube because inappropriate stuff can pop up on the surface even with the most harmless search. For this purpose, they can use the screen recording for YouTube software.

It empowers you to record all the activities that your kid performs on his YouTube account through his smartphone. You can track the YouTube app of your targeted user’s device and get to know about what kind of videos they have watched, read their comments, check the personal channels, and downloaded and uploaded videos as well.

Once the user will log in into his account, the app will automatically start recording his screen activity secretly. The recorded short video clips will be sent to your web portal so, you will be able to watch them whenever you have enough time.

How Can I Make YouTube Safe for My Teens and Young Kids?

If you are doubtful that your teens are addicted to watching porn or adult videos, then you should follow these tips.

Turn on The Restricted Mode and Turn Off the Search Function

If your kid uses the YouTube kids’ app, then you can disable the search feature. By turning off this feature, Google’s algorithm will show fewer videos to him. If he’s using normal YouTube, you can turn on the restricted mode to eliminate all the inappropriate and violent videos.

Report or Block

If you come across something that you think is not suitable for kids to watch and should be filtered, then instead of clicking out of it, spend a few moments to report and block it. It will not only help you but other parents and software developers who write the filtering programs as well. By reporting things, you can make this platform safe for everyone.

Install an Ad Blocker

YouTube displays a variety of advertisements and banners on the videos. When your kids start watching the videos, they appear all over the screen. These ads can be relevant or irrelevant, so to get rid of them, you can install an ad blocker app for YouTube on your web browser. 

Make A Family Account

You have the option to create a YouTube account for the entire family. In this way, you will be able to monitor what is being downloaded, uploaded, and watched. You can also see the comments they left on videos and the channels they have subscribed to.

Use A YouTube Screen Recorder Tool

If you stay busy in your household or office chores, it is understandable that you don’t spend much time with your teens and kids. Parents must know about what their children watch on this video sharing platform.

Therefore, you can use screen recording software to know about what they view. It enables you to capture short video clips of your targeted user’s smartphone and send them to your web portal. You can remotely and secretly monitor their search and watch history even if they have manually deleted it.

Key Features of Screen Recorder Software

  • Keep an eye on all the watched, downloaded, and uploaded videos of your targeted person’s account
  • Track what sort of videos they watch mostly
  • Monitor mobile phone activated with this video sharing application
  • Grab information about all the comments


If you want to protect your kids from the potential dangers of YouTube, then OgyMogy screen recording for YouTube app is the perfect option for you.


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