Golf Mower: What To Consider When Buying For Sale

    What To Consider When Buying Golf Mowers For Sale

    Providing the best playing conditions to golfers requires regular golf course maintenance. Every golf mower course maintenance practice requires specialized equipment. For example, you need an aerator for aeration, an irrigation system for irrigation and so on. As mowing is an important maintenance practice, you need to pay attention to some important factors to choose the right golf course mowers. You can find many websites offering new and used golf mowers for sale.

    Toro, John Deere and there are some other leading brands manufacturing golf course mowers, aerators, utility vehicles, blowers, dethatchers, green rollers, and other golf course equipment. A golf course mower is completely different from a lawnmower. You can have more than 30 hectares to maintain. There are many models available on the market. You can read the features and specifications of each model to pick a model that can meet your requirements. In addition to reading features and specifications, you need to consider the following as well.

    Brand Reputation

    The following are the three biggest names in the industry:

    • Jacobsen
    • Toro
    • John Deere

    These brands have been in the industry for years. Each product is a result of research, development and innovation. They have machines with improvised designs and mechanisms. If you cannot invest in a brand new golf course mower, you can trust used golf course equipment by these brands. These reputed golf course equipment manufacturers also offer the best after-sale services.    

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    Rotary or Reel Blades

    A golf course has different areas. Each area requires a different type of golf course mower. You need a mower for tees, a mower for greens and more. Before that, you need to know about rotary and reel blades. These are two blade mechanisms available on the market.

    A reel mower has a helical blade structure. It cuts down the grass precisely without causing any damage to the roots. A mower with the rotary blade mechanism cuts the grass vertically.  A reel mower is suitable for fairway and tee box areas. A rotary mower is suitable for hazards, roughs and greens.

    Speed and Consistency

    You want to get the job done on time. When you want fast results, you need consistency as well. For example, you may buy a reel mower to get the job done in less time. However, when you set the blades at the lowest profile levels, your reel mower may damage the roots of the grass. So, it is important to pay attention to the speed and consistency of the golf mower for sale you are considering.  

    Comfort Features

    Depending on the size, you may have to maintain more than 60 hectares of land. Prepare to spend hours with the machine. If the machine is making too much noise and the seat is not comfortable, it will not be easy to finish the job on time. Make sure that the machine has a comfortable seat and a cool canopy. All the controls should be within your reach.

    Also consider the accessories you will get with the golf mowers for sale.


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