Here is a Complete Guide of Some quick-cooking Recipes for Dads to get the Dinner on the Table Faster


Everybody wants to eat with family on one table, but sometimes it becomes really hard to take out some time for eating with your family or to prepare something special due to some certain reasons such as office work, school, and so many other activities usually get in your way. A lot of research reports have revealed that people who dine at home together are more healthy and happy than those who used to dine alone. There are some people whose family mealtime occurs every day or just once in a week, in the late night for only dessert or in the morning before office and school, but they always try to make the most out of this family time to nourish their mind and stomach at the eating table.

The stress can be easily eradicated from your eating table by keeping healthy meals with joyful and meaningful conversations. In some families, the responsibility of preparing meals is resting upon the shoulders of the dads, and they have a mission to put family dinner on the table on a regular basis or just once in a year. Fathers often do not have enough experience in this matter, and they always search for some quick and easiest recipes that are stress-free as well as nutritious because they are rushing between home and work tirelessly. Here is a complete guide of easy cooking for dads with some awesome collection of meals that can be prepared in a short period of time.

Cooking is an essential part of everyone’s life as it has a direct connection with your family’s and your own health. But nowadays, with your busiest lifestyles, it is tough to take out proper time for cooking therefore, need for convenience is more significant than ever before. Parental life, especially the life of a single parent, is more tiring and time-consuming as it feels like a lot of balls are being juggled in the air. Fathers who are a single parent or living away from home due to work are much eager to learn minimal number quick and easy recipes so that they can prepare food in a shorter period of time and they might be encouraged to cook regularly in this way. Here is a long list of some quick and easy cooking for dads with some specific techniques that are listed below.

Upskilling fathers for cooking in a proper way is the most vital part of this turnaround process because if once they are taught how to cook quickly and efficiently with a few useful techniques, they will become capable of extrapolating them into a range of different recipes. We have fully tried to help dads get their meals on the table without a lot of stress with some of these recipes mentioned below.

  • Parmesan Pork Medallions

It is one of the best pork medallion dishes that you can ever found. You can serve this tender pork with some specific tweaks many times on the table for your friends and family. This dish takes a very short time for its preparation and adapts easily to serve any number.

  • Orange Chicken Stir-Fry

People who are always in a hurry to feed their family or friends, they must count on this stir-fry recipe which is incredibly delicious with a Chinese take-out style. You can prepare this Chinese style dinner in just twenty minutes. You need to cook the moist chicken stripes in an intense and tasty orange juice with a soya sauce mixture and topped with cashew nuts. You must serve it with hot and boiled rice.

  • Ham and Broccoli Pasta

It is often hard to beat the food which is being prepared in one pan, and it can take approximately 30 minutes to pull it all together. Your kids will actually become happy after you get it served to them.

  • Easy Asian Beef and Noodles

You can make this dish on a whim to feed all the hungry teenagers. It has also been known as a dinner time staple for many years. Nowadays, children can cook it on their own in hardly five to ten minutes.

  • Italian-Style Chicken and Pepper

This dish is known as a well-stained recipe for chicken and green peppers, and you will really enjoy it while cooking and eating.

  • Warm Chicken Tortellini Au Gratin

This is the most favorite recipe among many people. It is quick and delicious, and you can pair it with a green salad and toasty bread. It is a fancy meal that will be enough for a good company.

  • Baked Beef Tacos

Baked beef tacos include classic taco ingredients which gives it a fresh approach while baking the shells upright in refried tomatoes and beans. The bottom of the taco gets soft, but the crest remains crunchy and crispy.

  • Sloppy Joes

Children love to eat saucy sloppy Joes. You can make a quick and fun filling dinner for your kids with a mixture of onions, ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pepper and brown sugar. You can cook and serve this recipe in just an hour.


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