Here’s How to Choose Jewelry according to your skin Tone

Jewelry should always compliment your skin tone. It is obvious that your skin tone plays a crucial role in determining your choice of jewelry. Some jewelry colors work well with particular skin shades only. Despite this fact, many people ignore paying attention to it. So rather than just blindly picking the jewelry, go through these guidelines for inspiration. 

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How to determine your Skin Tone? 

In order to find your skin tone go in a well-lit space where you can easily figure out the visible color of your veins. 

  • If your veins seem to appear blue or purple in color, then you have a cool skin tone. 
  • If your veins appear more greenish in shade, then you are the one with a warmer skin tone. 
  • Whereas, if your veins portray a combination of both green and blue colors, then your skin tone is neutral. 

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Jewelry for different skin tones

For warm skin tone 

With warm skin tones, yellow gold rose gold, brass, and copper metals go well. Particularly, yellow gold ornaments look more appealing to people with a warm tone. In addition, all metals that have earthy tones like turquoise, red, yellow-brown, and deep-colored hues are considered suitable for warmer skin shades. However, for achieving a contemporary look, yellow and gold undertones are best for such skin types. In case if you are out to purchase gold earrings for daily wear, explore yellow gold options. 

Gemstones: Ruby, coral, imperial topaz, citrine, zircon, emerald, jade, and other earthy shades. 

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For cool skin tone

People with cool skin tone have reddish or pale skin undertones. Therefore, for such individuals, light-hued metals such as white gold, stainless steel, silver, platinum, and rose gold look attractive. These skin tones complement your skin tone strongly for a perfect appeal. Well, if you have blonde hair, choose silver for a stunning effect. This will bring out the richness of your skin. 

Gemstones: Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Topaz, aquamarine, Sapphire. 

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For Neutral skin tone

If you are fortunate to have a neutral skin tone, then undoubtedly you are the luckiest person in the world. The reason being your skin tone goes well with most of the jewelry shades. Your skin creates a perfect balance between hot and cool so you have the opportunity to experiment with different metals. Leave all trends behind and go for a mix-match of jewelry. Wear different color combinations of diamond ring designs and you are all set to rock the stage. 

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The Parting Words

At the end of the day, there are no clear guidelines on what to wear and what to not. These tips are just to help you explore different options as per your skin type. And above all, it’s about your personal choice. Always make sure to wear pieces of jewelry that reflect your personality and make you feel happy and confident.