Mobile Application trends

Hiring the Right Professionals For Mobile Application Development

A mobile app today is more indispensable than a website was not so long ago. More people are using mobiles today than they are using desktops for various online activities and it becomes imperative for an enterprise to rush an app to market with the help of Professional Mobile Apps Development Company in Australia. The company you choose for iOS apps development or Android apps development or hybrid apps can make a difference to your app, the user experience and your returns.

The standard app

Majority of mobile apps development companies can offer standard apps using their expertise in Android apps development or iOS apps development. What you will be looking at is expanding and retaining customers and monetizing the app in addition to providing functionality which is the goal of the app. As matters stand these developers may have backlogs to clear and have constraints to think outside the box, which would be ignoring the capabilities of mobile devices for a richer customer experience and a data source to app owners.

Going beyond

Mobile devices, whether these are smartphones or tabs, are getting better in terms of hardware capabilities and features. The right developer you pick would probably know how to leverage the capabilities to come up with apps that are a delight to us. Apple already has implemented AI and AI is proving invaluable in deriving data and responding intelligently to user actions. Can the app developer make innovative use of the sensors such as the accelerometer, the gyro, camera and GPS. Little things like these can get you apps that delight users. Apart from internal sensors there are external ones that make up the whole IoT chain.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities if the developer is capable of integrating AI and IoT in your apps.

  • Domestic usage has possibilities such as the app being able to sense the user’s mood or preference, respond to commands to switch on appliances and so fort.
  • Industrial app implementation could integrate machine performance data and inventory data and sales oriented apps leverage AI with location data to deliver pointed offers.
  • Retail can benefit by having RFID, traffic counter, digital signage and wi-fi tracking, beaming offers to users as they pass by shelves and so on.
  • Healthcare segment can ask for apps that go beyond the routine to derive data from smart wearables about a patient’s health and then incorporate multi-way conferencing to allow doctors to view patients or chat among themselves.
  • Agriculture is another area where apps can provide single point management and monitoring of greenhouses, drones, livestock and crop status.

These are just examples to show that there is a difference between a normal developer and a professional mobile app developer who can truly create innovation and value. You may not even need to look for monetization since the returns from such integration would more than justify costs of app development.

There are small apps where normal developers are fine but when it comes to enterprise level apps, smart cities apps or automotive apps, you really need experts with multi-dimensional capabilities.

Doesn’t it cost more?

Yes, it costs a whole lot more to get a high level of expertise in mobile app development for iOS and Android but when you want features like AI, AR/VR and IoT with high level of security and absolute ease of use, you get what you pay for. Support is just as essential since an app is not a launch once and forget sort of thing. If you have a company offering mobile app development services with expertise also in other areas such as big data, VoIP, AI and ERP, you know they are capable and that does matter a lot. Development is not just about using Objective C for iOS or React for hybrid. Other technologies are related. Cost becomes a secondary factor. The capability of translating concept into reality is worth considering if you want an app that goes beyond the ordinary. Ecosmob is one such app development company with expertise in diverse IT fields and you can trust it to deliver beyond the normal.