Hong Kong- A vacation destination geared up for fun

Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure

 The gleaming Hong Kong is a beautiful destination to plan for a lovely holiday. It has everything that completes the itinerary, with the unlimited amusement parks and the famous Disneyland it makes a must-visit a place for kids as they can see all the fantastic Disney characters and enjoy. With the ultimate delicious varieties in cuisine, Hong Kong specializes in making succulent dishes from all over the world, yet your trip is definitely incomplete if you haven’t tasted the staple ‘Dim sums’.  It certainly is a great choice if you are looking for serene escapades because this God-made coastal city has amazing islands which go past every worry and trouble in life. The spectacular sounds of the rushing waters and the fresh and lofty breeze in the beaches never fail to make you relaxed and when you smell the salty sea water impacts on the emotional well-being profoundly. As the Covid-19 cases have declined Hong Kong Airport Arrival Procedure has changed and people have geared up for vacations all over the world as the travel restrictions have also reduced. It is a great time to plan quality trips with family and friends. Hong Kong is blessed with a variety of tourist spots to have a blissful time. 

 While you are planning for a trip, here is an average Hong Kong vacation expenditure; it costs around $100 to $ 150 per day at an average, the meals would cost anywhere from $25 to $150, but the public transport facility is great and it makes transportation very cost-effective. You can use the buses and commute for a reasonable price say around $7 to $15 depending on the number of places you are planning to visit.  An average a trip to Hong Kong for a week should cost a person around $2000 with budget hotel stay, food, and transportation or greater than that based on the place of stay. 

HongKongers are known for their love for amazing food, it is called a world food fair, it brings authentic, rich delicacies which is an excellent reflection of the Cantonese culture and tradition. While you are in Hong Kong there are some amazing foods that you should not miss. The wide array of the food produced by the food-obsessed city is second to none. The must-eat items are fish balls, Dim sums, egg sandwiches, stinky tofu, scrambled eggs, waffles, and more. The food bursts intense flavours with classic and authentic taste which brings stomach-warming goodness. You will fall in love with the overpowering smell with crunchiness, and oozing flavours. To enjoy some fantastic food along with the Seaview it would be amazing to check-in in upscale hotels like Regal Hong Kong Hotel located at Causeway Bay, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West at No.8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, the view of the Victoria Harbourfront is breath-taking from Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour. The high-end hotels offer spectacular facilities like pools, fine-dining, and fitness centres.

One must not forget to visit the priceless landform – the Victoria harbour , the harbour separates the Hong Kong Island in the south from the Kowloon Peninsula to the north.  The mesmerizing deep waters located strategically in the South are a developed industrial area it is one of the places with most tourists. With major reclamation projects, this region is shaped into a beautiful city’s attraction with fireworks, promenades, the symphony of lights and music, and boat rides. After watching the pristine beaches at the sunrises and the sunsets at the harbour, another awe-inspiring attraction for the visitors is the skyscraper which is the tallest hill situated on the Hong Kong island- the Victoria Peak standing at the height of 552 meters gives stunning views of the entire city, the sight from the highest point gives a beautiful serene view of the Victoria harbour and the beaches on one side and the bustling city on the other. It is packed with shopping centres where you can get everything from chic and stylish upmarket apparel to electronics and heavenly food. Hong Kong is not only loved due to the relaxing beaches but it is also a place where you can go for adventure sports like trekking, hiking, cycling, and choose from over 200 trails. Watch lush forests and rugged hills offering enchanting views of the beaches through The Dragon’s Back Hike, the peak trail, Tai Long Wan hiking trail, Tai Ping Shan Heritage Trail, and many more.


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