Amongst the many other methods utilized in the packaging industry, one of the most sustainable is through Kraft boxes. They provide excellent strength due to the presence of extra Sulphur content and very less lignin. They have far greater strength and can withstand considerable loading before they tear up. No bleach is used in the manufacturing process of the kraft paper. Therefore, these boxes are additionally safe for use in the food industry. They can be seen crafted in various shapes and sizes owing to their strength and convenient flexibility in customization. They are extensively used by all kinds of product manufacturers to pack their products for their customers and concerned retail stores. They have this great ability to be recycled up to 7 times before they can be set to decay in the natural environment. They can be used time and again thus, saving further trees to be cut down for acquiring wood pulp.

There can be several methods to acquire recycled material for the manufacturing of the Kraft packaging. There are multiple things that need to be brought into consideration while segregating materials for the manufacturing of the boxes of kraft. These methods shall be discussed below in this article to thoroughly analyze how paper scrap can be converted into craft boxes.

Segregation of scrap:

The first basic step in the whole process is filtering out the scrap from the pile that can be processed into our custom craft boxes. There are certain parameters that must be considered when you are separating your raw material from the scrap to be recycled into some packaging boxes made out of Kraft paper. Let us see how we can separate the useful scrap paper from the material that we do not need:

Consider unbleached paper:

Only keep the brown unbleached paper for reprocessing. The bleaches used in the process of pulp de-colorization weakens the bond between the fibers of the cellulose structure, which reduces the strength of the paper made out of it. We do not want the part of our paper made out of such pulp to be weak and have insufficient strength to bear the various loading conditions. And if your craft boxes are going to be used for food packaging, then the bleached paper is not the ideal choice for making your boxes.

 Check fiber size:

The fiber size of the scrap bulk needs to be assessed before it can be further processed to make the paper for the boxes. The fiber size determines the recyclability of the paper; it would decide whether it can be further processed or not. This would also determine the strength of the paper, and if the fiber size is very short, then it cannot be considered if the boxes are supposed to be made for high loading conditions. Smaller fibers would produce very brittle paper.

Prefer dry scrap:

By wet scrap, we do not mean the material that has been subjected to some volatile and polar liquids. Instead, we are talking about the paper scrap that has absorbed some sort of greases or oils. They cannot be processed, and it is impossible to recycle them.

Approach a recycling plant:

Now, if you do not have your own paper recycling facility, you would need to contact a dedicated service that reprocesses the paper. You need to get all your gathered scrap and transport it to them. Now you would have two options, either replace it with the Kraft paper they have already made or wait for the time when they shall reprocess the scrap you provided them with. Obviously, the second option would be highly impractical, so better take what they have already produced. Most of them would facilitate the scrap pick up, but even if they do not. You can always contact a freight service to deliver the scrap to the reprocessing facility. The recycled paper is converted into large rolls of kraft paper, which can be carried to the packaging plant. Almost any Kraft boxes wholesale manufacturer can convert this recycled material into your desired boxes. The recycling plant can make the paper in any required thickness.

Manufacturing options:

Not all craft boxes wholesale manufacturers might have the facility to produce the corrugated boxes if you need them. So better make a quick internet search for various local packaging companies to see if they have all the facilities to entertain your request. You must also consider the quantity you are going to order. You do not want to lose a fortune over your eco-friendly kraft boxes venture. Therefore, if you want to save money, you should order as much quantity as possible. Even if you do not need higher numbers at the moment, you would eventually need them in the future. The packaging manufacturing unit would also provide the facility of printing on kraft boxes, so it can be expected that you would be having a complete box making solution at one spot. But before selecting a manufacturing service, you must properly do comprehensive research through personal referrals or online sources. You can always compare prices and approach the party that suits you best.This was a comprehensive guideline for the procedure of getting your Kraft boxes out of recycled material. We can expect that you would be able to figure out the side processes on your own. The main thing to ponder and consider have been elaborated above


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