How Can I Infuse My Food with CBD

Cannabidiol abbreviated as CBD, has finally caught up with the F&B industry. The farm bill and legality of CBD products have pushed the cannabis trend train on the tracks. CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical element present in the cannabis plant.

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The reason why CBD is proving pretty popular among masses is – 

1) It is non-psychoactive (won’t get you high), 

2) Potential health benefits 

3) It is relatively legal, 

4) It is straightforward to consume through any CBD derivatives, 

5) One can infuse Lazarus Naturals CBD into foods and drinks.

Types of CBD:

There are three principal groups of CBD products on the market which you can infuse in your foods –

  • Full Spectrum – It preserves all the cannabinoids in the product. They have trace amounts of THC(0.3%) alongside CBD.
  • Isolates – It refers to a single lab-extracted crystalline solid containing pure CBD only.
  • Broad Spectrum – It is basically a mix between Full spectrum & isolates.They are pure CBD with all cannabinoids present except THC. 

CBD & Food Facts :

  • CBD is fat-soluble. It is best when paired with fatty foods like peanut butter, avocados, CBD isolates paired with olive or coconut oil.
  • Do not heat CBD. CBD tends to lose its potency and starts to degrade with heat. You should add CBD as a final ingredient in your meal.
  • Make a single serving of CBD infused foods to maintain the right dose.
  • If you are the first-timer for CBD infused foods, try consuming it at night time. CBD can be sedative, and you don’t want to dose off in the middle of the day.

Here is how you can infuse CBD in your food

  • CBD Cooking Oil

Since CBD is fat-soluble, making your cooking oil is the best option. You can combine CBD into your favorite plant-based oil. Coconut and olive oil are some of the healthy options. You can use them according to your taste preferences.

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In a saucepan, add the required amount of oil of your choice. Then slowly add CBD oil and water into the pan. Measure all the quantities beforehand of the procedure. Allow the oil mixture to simmer for at least 3 hours on the lowest heat. Keep in mind that high heat will degrade CBD oil from the mixture.

You can use broad-spectrum CBD to make the cooking oil. Or you can also get regular CBD oil for the mixture oil.  

  • CBD Smoothies

Smoothies are a perfect substitute for snacks or meals. You can make smoothies infused with CBD from your favorite fruits and vegetables. They are healthy, fat-free, completely natural, and ideal for health-conscious people. It is the most suitable choice for people who dislike or want to mask the flavor of CBD.

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The preparation of smoothies is a simple process. All you need is your desired CBD derivative or CBD oil, fruits, dry fruit, seeds, or veggies according to your likeness and a blender. You can have CBD infused smoothies after the workout, exercises, or healthy snacks.

  • CBD Infused Butter

Butters is also a perfect choice apart from oil if you want to consume CBD. Butters is an integral part of cooking food – you can use them for cooking, fry, and garnish. Either you can buy CBD infused butter from the select stores, or you can make one.

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The process is similar to the making of the CBD cooking oil. You have measured all your desired ingredients. Add small cubes of butter in a saucepan. Heat the mixture on the lowest flame you got as you don’t want to burn butter alongside the heat-sensitive CBD. Add water and CBD derivatives slowly into the pan. Allow cooking the mixture for 3-4 hours with periodic stirring.

Once the process is complete, allow the butter to cool and let it chill for 2 hours. Use your CBD infused butter as you like!

  • CBD Salads

When it comes to staying fit, health-conscious people swear on salads. If you are wondering how you can use CBD into your salad, here are few ways:

  • You can mix CBD infused oil into your dressing.
  • can sauté the vegetables in the CBD oil.
  • Also, can add your favorite CBD products like sour tangie, edibles in your baked vegetables.

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Just make sure you don’t overcook the vegetables and overheat CBD to maximize your salad’s taste, flavor, and health benefits.

  • CBD Cookies

You can bake your cookies with CBD in your home too. Just grab your favorite cookie recipe and add your desired CBD product. Rather than directly infuse CBD oil, you can infuse CBD in coconut oil, almond butter, or any butter of your choice. The flavor matters after all!

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Use CBD infused butter and oil in your cookie preparation. And follow the rest of your recipe by your unique technique. In the end, you are left with delicious CBD cookies.

  • CBD Infused in Pasta

If you are a fan of Italian food, pasta is a great choice to have a solid CBD infused meal. Since pasta-making requires less heat so you can add different types of CBD derivatives into the dish. You can use a full-spectrum CBD oil to dress your pasta dish.

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You can also cook vegetables in CBD infused oil and then add them to pasta. Everything depends on your creativity in the dish.

  • CBD and Creativeness

You can infuse CBD into lattes, cold brews, cakes, brownies, and several meals unless there is heat involved. If you mind the heat and get creative, you can infuse CBD in any meal you like.


Yes! CBD is easy to use in your regular diet. Things you need to keep in mind are heat while cooking, the accurate dose (you can get advice), and a health-conscious mind. CBD has several health benefits for you to explore. So if possible, try out some CBD infused soon!