You often feel disappointed while thinking about your last haircut; it might be due to the wrong hairstyle or poor barbering. It happens due to the poor communication with the barber as they can’t read your mind and assume the haircut you desired. If you can’t say what you want, you are going to get whatever haircut the barber feels comfortable giving.

When a person did not explicitly say what type of haircut he wants, the barber will give any random hair to him. So if you want to avoid this fate, you need to know exactly how to converse with your barber. Although it can be intimidating for you, especially with the special logo they threw around. With the help of barbershop haircut book online, we have prepared a guide for you to get the scoop on how to communicate with your barber confidently.

Let’s dig into it.

1.      Tell Him Generally Style you want:

When you enter into the barber’s shop, before sit down in the barber’s chair, try to give him the general description of the haircut you need. You might take help from the images of celebrities who have the desired hairstyle. Such as crew cut is popular among youngsters due to Don Draper haircut.

You can bring a photo of the look that you want, perhaps a modern haircut and got this covered with the barber.

2.      Guide the Barber how much you want to take off:

Before your barber starts trimming your hair, tell him about how much exactly you want to take off. Don’t speak like, “Hey, give my hair a bit trim” or “take a little off my head”. You should know that the meaning of trimming is different for every barber. As one barber’s trim is another barber’s close shave so to avoid getting too short hair specifically tell him how much you want to take off.

You can use a term like “an inch off the top” or “a quarter-inch off the side”. If you are a clippers man, then remind the numbers of the guards you use and tell him the name like 1 or 2 on the sides and three on the top.

3.      If you want a taper, tell him:

You had heard the term “taper” when you visited the barber’s shop last time. If you don’t know about this term, let me explain a bit. A taper is a gradual change in your hair length from the top of the head down to the nape of the neck. It usually starts from the top and gets shorter as you go down to the neck.

The length of each tape can vary; you may look for a long taper or a shorter one. You can tell your preference to the barber before it’s too late.

4.      Describe your neckline preference:

You might have a cool haircut, but if your neckline seems messy or not trimmed, a great hair cut can suddenly look unkempt. Many people do not bother about their neckline looks because they can hardly see it, but people around you get to eyeball it all the time. You can find three options when you search for what sort of neckline you should achieve.

·         Blocked:

A blocked nape means cutting a straight line across the natural neckline so that your neckline appears like a squared block. This type of nape is preferred for those who have a skinny chicken neck to give it a wider, thick look. The one disadvantage of the blocked nape is that once the hair begins to grow, the new hair growth sticks out like a sore thumb. So if you want a neckline like this one, then you need to go to the barber’s shop once a week.

·         Tapered:

A tapered neckline gradually shortens the hair as it gets closer to the bottom neckline and follows the natural flow of hair. If you have a thick neck, then this neckline gives you the appearance of a slim wide neck. The advantage of this neckline is that when your hair begins to grow, the neckline remains blended and clear. Therefore, you don’t need touch-ups like in the case of the blocked neckline.

·         Rounded:

In rounded neckline simply the corners of a blocked nape finish, it also begins to seem untidy when the hair starts growing below the neckline.

5.      Tell him about the texture you want:

If you want to add some texture to your hair, you should be familiar with the following terms.

  • Razored: Mostly barbers use a straight razor to trim the ends instead of scissors because it helps the hair lay flatter on the head and diminishes bulk.
  • Choppy: If you want a bit of volume to your hair, you can ask for choppy hair. Barber uses point cutting for choppy hair like he picks your hair at different lengths and cut it at 45-degree angle to give it a textured look.

·         Layered: You can get layered texture if you have long hair resting on top of shorter hair. Layered texture gives your hair the look of depth and volume.

·         Thinned out: If you possess thick bushy mane, you can try out thinning, as it looks like regular shear scissors, but it contains teeth that cut some hair strands and leave other strands uncut. Men consider this texture to volume off some of their hair.

6.      Tell him about your sideburns:

In the last, tell your barber about your sideburns, basic details include how thinned and how long you like to have your sideburns. Possible length involve:

  • Top of the ear
  • Mid-ear
  • Bottom of the ear

It would help if you kept in mind that your relationship- communication with your barber should be a two-way street. Hence, it would be best if you also listened to his advice and feedback.

Author’s Bio:

Steve Ron is a barber and shares his insights on barbershop haircut book online. He possesses vast experience in this industry. Therefore, he likes to share the information related to people’s queries on haircuts.


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