How Much Does It Cost to Hire Top Mobile App Developers?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Top Mobile App Developers

Imagine how many times you open your laptop or desktop to visit an online shopping store, book travel, order food, or to get any other service. The majority of the people will answer “Never” to this question; because they use mobile apps, installed in the smartphones, for the same. Well, mobile applications have become a part of our daily lives.

These applications have made everything available at our fingerprints. So, now we think there is no need to write down the reasons why businesses all over the world feel it necessary to have a mobile application.

To develop a mobile app for Android, iOS, or Windows platform, you need to find a mobile app development company or hire dedicated developers. If you choose the first one for your project, then you connect to the support team of the company to tell your requirements or the app idea and get the quote.

However, if you want to hire dedicated developers (because of budget constraints or you need a specialized mobile app), then determining the cost of the same is not easy. However, we have made the same simpler by providing you the important points that affect the cost of hiring a developer. Read the information given below to know more:

Factors that affect the cost of hiring dedicated developers

Mobile Platforms

Google PlayStore, Windows Store, and the App Store are three major platforms to launch mobile applications. Depending on your project requirements or targeted audience, you will choose the mobile platform, which will determine the cost of the app.

Complexity of the app

A simple mobile app with minimal features doesn’t require server-side integration and other technicalities to take care of, whereas, a feature-rich and cross-platform application with API integration and big databases might cost higher. Mobile app complexity can be divided into three categories: less, medium, and high.

-Less complex applications include working on an already developed mobile app for fixing out the bugs and implementing new features into it.

-Developing a basic mobile app with UI design updates and a few other functionalities falls under the medium complexity category.

-A feature-rich app that requires complicated API integration, high-security, big database integration, and a lot of other functionalities come under the high complexity mobile application category.

Experience of the developers

If you hire a top-level developer with more than a decade of experience and a portfolio of hundreds of clients, then the cost of hire will be higher. On the contrary, if the developer has two or three years of experience with a short clientele, then it might not cost that much. So, it is recommended to hire dedicated developers who offer quality services at a cost-effective price.

Apart from the experience, size of the team also matters. For instance, to develop a simple app only one developer is sufficient. However, a complex mobile app development needs more than one developer and separate teams for designing, testing, and to perform other development related tasks.  

Timeline of the project

The timeline of a project contributes majorly to the cost of hiring a dedicated developer. For instance, if your app development project requires a developer to be hired for a few days, then the cost of hire will be lower than if you need the same for months.


The features of any app, such as push notifications, user feedback, profile creation, enhanced speed, high security, and more, add up to the cost of it. The more features you want more will be the effort of developers, and thus, higher will be the cost of development.


To hire dedicated mobile developer with expertise on Android, iOS, and other platforms, the first thing you need to do is to write down your app requirements in detail. The basic requirement of the project will help your shortlisted developer to tell you an approximate cost and timeline of the project. In case, if you are a naïve in this industry, then you can directly contact a mobile app development company to share your idea and get the best suggestion.

Defining the exact cost to hire dedicated developers is not possible, as it depends on various criterions. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a reliable mobile app development company such as Quytech to share your app idea or provide your project’s requirement for the mobile app development.


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