How Search Engines Work & How They Rank The Websites

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The good news about the Internet and its most visible component, the WWW (World Wide Web), is that there are Millions of web pages available, waiting to show information on different variety of niches. Working of search engine is one of the most complicated things; it is more complicated than you think. Search engines are one of the most relevant advanced software’s in modern day. The search engines want to do these three things to be a search engine, those are crawling, indexing and ranking.

Through these 3 steps, they discover newly published content/Web pages , store the information on their huge servers, and sort it for your consumption. Let’s break down process during each of these actions:

Crawl: Search engines send out web crawlers, also known as spiders, to fetch webpage content. Paying close attention to new web pages and to old content that has recently been changed, web spiders look at data such as URLs, sitemaps, and code to discover the types of content being showcased.

When you type something on the search bar and hit enter, the search engine starts to crawl the web means it will go through several web pages to find the result. The related web pages are indexed means it will collect all the relevant web pages and rank the web pages by its algorithm.

Crawling is the initial process on search engine when you search anything on the web. Normally a web page consists of several information’s, which consist of data’s and links. The links are added to a web page with an underscore or with identification culprit is completely depends on the web page. The links are normally connected to other WebPages and in that web page there will be other links which points to other web pages. When you search for a result the crawler goes through millions of pages to find the result by those links on the WebPages’ crawler is software used for crawling (Google uses spider as their crawler).

Index: Once a web page has been crawled, the search engines need to decide how to sort the data. The indexing process is when they review web page data for positive or negative ranking signals and store it in the exact location on their huge servers.

Indexing is the part where search engines collect all the data based on your search ranking websites is the most complicated part on the search process. Search engines provide crawled data on the index. By considering the quality of the website like relevance of the site, traffic, quality of text etc..

Rank: During the indexing process, search engines start making conclusion on where to show specific content on the search engine results page (SERP). Ranking is accomplished by evaluate a number of non-identical factors based on an end user’s search term for quality and relevancy.          

search engines rank each website and shows on search results as website. The most important website based on search is shown at the top of the results. to get ranked on the top of the search result web pages want to get optimised and it is called SEO(search engine optimization).SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of the web page for a search engine. To rank the web page on search result you also want to link the webpage on your all other websites and want to get linked on similar websites, so that’s how the website get crawled by the search engines. Best Digital Marketing Company Kochi


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