How Students Boost Productivity During Lockdown 2021

University Life: How Students Boost Productivity During Lockdown in 2021

The outbreak of the pandemic last year brought a stop to the world as we knew it. Everything from work to school to any other activity were confined to the walls of our homes. With the strains of the pandemic still evident, these new norms are in place even in lockdown 2021.

It is in the nature of humans to function as a society. Being unable to interact with others and staying within the same space for long periods has its adverse effects. Especially impacting the young minds of scholars forced to take lessons in isolation. The measures are necessary and are likely to prevail for some time. So how can students overcome its negative consequences such as anxiety, depression, and loss of motivation?

We have gathered here several tips to remedy your lockdown induced woes. It will take time and practice but with a consistent attitude things can look much brighter. Bringing these small changes in your schedule can increase your productivity and help you concentrate on your daily tasks.


  1. Creating a routine

When attending a college campus physically, having a routine drives you to start your day. Waking up at a certain hour, attending classes, designated mealtimes, participating in extracurricular activities keeps you going. Everyday is planned and prepared around the things you have to do.

Studying from home entirely changed this whole dynamic. No longer is there any place to be or activities to participate in. Therefore, it becomes the student’s responsibility to maintain the semblance of a routine despite the missing elements. Divide your day into slots for studying, homework and any chores or errands. Make sure to intersperse them with enough breaks for meals, sleep, and exercise.

You will see noticeable changes in your performance after giving a structure to your day. By getting everything done on time, you can even look forward to stress-free weekends to spend as you wish. You can even reach for coursework help to handle assignments which are too burdensome. This will help you clear your schedule for tasks that need more care and focus.

  • Dedicate a particular corner to studying

It is even shown by research that your workspace can greatly impact your mindset. The environment you build around you can affect you negatively or positively depending on it.

For many students, it is hard to develop a studious behavior at home. As we naturally associate home as a place for leisure and relaxation. Specifically for those students who are used to staying at a college or university campus.

To help your brain transition from home to study mode, it is important to have a separate work area. Make sure it distances you from any distractions present around the house. Have a discussion with your family and request them to refrain from disturbing you when in that spot.

Your study spot should not have any attention stealing devices like the TV or even books apart from academic text. Leave your mobile phone in another room when you are about to start work. Browsing through social media can eat up hours before you even begin to notice. So, it is better to keep the source of temptation out of your reach.

Another necessary point is to keep your study corner organized and tidy. You can even decorate it with quotes that you like. Having your stationary and other material in place will save a lot of time. All you need then is to settle down at your workplace and get on with your lessons.

  • Exercise regularly

Make working a part of your daily routine. It is essential for an alert and healthy mind and body. Including an hour of exercise to your day helps stimulate chemical alterations in the brain. This has positive effects on your mood, thought, and cognitive abilities.

During lockdown, our bodies are already in need of more movement than usual. Social distancing keeps us from doing as much outdoor activities as was possible before. But you can still get your daily amount of exercise within the house. There are many tutorials for beginners to get familiar with yoga or aerobics. Keep bringing changes to your routine so they do not feel dull and boring after some time.

  • Build roadmaps

Mapping out your goals and objectives gives you a point to progress towards. It is best to list out short-term goals and keep them in sight while you work. They can also be related to improving your personal well-being and lifestyle. As that is directly connected to your approach towards academic tasks.

If you are able to build up skills like time management, critical thinking, and discipline, they directly impact your academic performance. Having goals like that can help you achieve a sense of satisfaction which greatly boosts motivation. It is also easier to keep track of your day-to-day progress when you have planned out goals. In turn, taking tasks to completion becomes quicker and more efficient.

  • Ask for the help of experts

Covid-19 and the lockdown situation related to it has turned lives upside down. Many have suffered from losses or experienced near-death illness themselves. Staying confined for months on end also leads to its own mental health issues. Struggling through all that and having few outlets for venting can take its toll.

As a result, taking frequent breaks has become even more vital than before. It blows the cobwebs from your brain and keeps your thought process from becoming stagnant. But what about the assignments that are begging for your attention the minute you divert your focus? In return of an affordable amount, you can receive a worthy solution for this.

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