How to Create Stunning Visuals On Instagram Stories

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Every day more than 500 million users use Instagram stories. So there are always a lot of people competing to get more attention. 

You need to find out a way to stand out if you want to increase your Instagram following. 

But how?

There are already a lot of Instagram story tools, tips, and techniques found. Now you have many questions in your mind like which one should you use? Which one is the best method? How should you use it? 

You are looking for answers to these types of questions. Here it is. 

Uses of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has images, videos, and graphics that automatically delete after 24 hours. You can also save it as a highlight. It will always stay pinned in your profile. When you open the app, you will see the profile picture of the users you follow along the screen’s top. If you tap on that picture, stories from all users start playing one after another. Because of this, stories are very easy to view. From one account to another, each set of stories will play automatically. It is a lot less effort than scrolling the feed with your thumb. They will help you to find many new followers to your account and increase your profile reach. Alternatively, you can also buy story views from Snaphappen to increase the number of followers and spread your story worldwide. 

In this article, I will share 15 Instagram story tips you can use to create stunning visuals and attract your audience and increase your profile reach. 

  1. Be consistent 

Without consistency, you can’t create a strong brand. Many top brands also maintain consistency in all of their content. Keeping a particular look or theme helps you grab your audience’s attention and build credibility. Always aim for consistency in the presentation of your brand. 

  1. Use Story Design Templates 

Instagram templates give you a professional and consistent brand look, and they save your time also. You need not create templates. Many professional designers have already created an abundance of eye-catching Instagram story templates. 

  1. Use Right Dimensions

Sometimes it isn’t easy to design stories on your smartphone, especially if you create professional looking video clips. So you may want to use your computer. The right dimensions for your Instagram stories are 1920 pixels high by 1080 pixels wide. These have an aspect ratio of 9:16. 

The dimensions of Instagram stories depend on the viewing device, so it’s worth noting if they are not perfect because some smartphones are wider or taller than others. 

  1. Choose Great Font 

Consistency is very important while creating a strong, branded look. It also helps you to choose a font that represents your brand and then stick to it. Then it doesn’t need to be the same or custom font that is used on your website. 

For example, You may use some particular font for your brand on the website. But on Instagram, you can consistently use any font styles available on Instagram on all of your posts. 

  1. Create Brand Color Palette 

Different colors always bring out different emotions. They can also affect the means that we feel about our product, brands, and services. They can also change the decision we make. 

So brands are very strategic while choosing the colors for their marketing communications. You need to select a great color palette if you want to stand ahead of the crowd. 

  1.  Access every color

There are 27 colors available on Instagram at the bottom of your screen. You can see them when you are using the drawing or text feature. Here is the ultimate part: you are not limited to these 27 colors. You can choose any color you want, using the color picker tool in the bottom left of the screen. You can tap it and select a color from your image. 

  1. Use Extraordinary Images in Your Story Designs

For creating Instagram story designs, you no need to depend on roughly shooting video clips or graphics. Many websites provide free images for commercial use. So you can mix it up and use some high-quality images for your stories. 

  1. Use backgrounds and overlays

You can also use backgrounds or overlays if you want to highlight something. There are plenty of ways to create background and overlays. 

For example: If you want to create an Instagram story without any photos or videos, open the draw tool, choose any color tap, and hold your finger until the entire screen turns into the color that you have chosen. Then using an eraser, remove the color in the design that you want. 

  1. Create Animated Elements 

You want to design your story impressive, try to use animated content. Many apps, like mojo, adobe spark, etc., are providing animated videos for your stories. You can choose the best one from them for your stories. 

  1. Use GIFs 

Instagram has an extensive collection of GIFs and Stickers. You can use them to boost up your Instagram story designs. Using them in your story will live up to your story designs. 

Final thoughts

So many people are sharing their stories on Instagram every day. So it is challenging to stand ahead from the crowd. These tips will help you to increase your profile reach you can start using today.


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