Best Gaming Mouse in 2021

How to Find Best Gaming Mouse?

When you need to find the best gaming mouse for your rich computer, this review is for you. Gaming mouse is one of the most important components of computer games. Gaming keyboards are equally important, but their effects. 

In games, it is the smallest compared to gaming mice. The difference between a mediocre keyboard and a good keyboard is not the difference between a mediocre mouse and a good mouse. 

Accurate aiming is important (as in most games). Holding the mouse comfortably in your hand while playing a game is one of the best ways to improve the game and pay close attention to what is happening. 

They cause delays and may not produce the desired response at the same time. In non-competitive games, it may leave you ignored, but when it comes to serious online battles, you will understand the importance of timing. 

Ming Mouse aw610m can track every movement of your hand accurately and consistently. This is a great way to build muscle memory in any game, so you always know how far to move the mouse to achieve your goal.There are many gaming mice that claim to do these things, but the mouse we tested today provides the best experience in our opinion. 

Ergonomics and Weight 

The shape of a gaming mouse is important because it determines its comfort in the hand. It also determines whether the mouse is to the right or left. The shape of the mouse allows you to hold your hand in a certain position, which can be very uncomfortable during long games. 

A mouse with an unusual shape can be very comfortable and uncomfortable in the hands of a game player. Therefore, in most cases, the shape is a matter of personal preference. There are two main designs: 


The design/shape of the ergonomic gaming mouse can naturally fit the user’s hand, reducing muscle tension and discomfort.The ergonomic mouse has side grooves that allow the thumb and toes to rest comfortably and improve grip. The location of the mouse buttons also makes them easy to put on your fingers, which makes it the best choice if you want to spend hours playing. 

When choosing an ergonomic gaming mouse, a comfortable grip is very important. Also, keep in mind that the ergonomic mouse is designed differently for right-handed and left-handed people. Weight The weight of the gaming mouse should also be considered. 

They weigh about 100 grams, while the lightest one weighs only 80 grams and the heaviest can reach 165 grams. With a lightweight gaming mouse, you can use it intensively more comfortably. For example, in FPS games like CS: GO and Overwatch, low DPI will improve your aiming ability, while a lightweight mouse allows you to change targets and move characters with minimal effort.

When accuracy is not so important and high resolution is preferred, heavier mice work well. This situation often occurs when playing MMORPG, RTS, and MOBA games (such as StarCraft, DOTA, and World of Warcraft). Removable load. They allow you to adjust the weight of the mouse to meet your needs. In this case, the extra weight can make your mouse more stable and can easily prevent the mouse from slipping off. After a long time of gaming, moving a heavy mouse may be troublesome.