How to Find the First Office Space for Your Startup | Tips for Renting Your First Office Space

How to Find the First Office Space for Your Startup

Renting your first office space can be an exciting diversion for your business. But it would be a mistake to choose just any office. You need to make sure that your office is the one that will support your team and allow you to grow and thrive. Below are things to consider before renting your first office space.

Why Rent an Office

First things first: Is an office really broken down for having it all? In today’s digital world, fewer and fewer entrepreneurs find an office necessary. Here are some things to look for reasons to rent an office for your business:

Face-to-face meetings. In some businesses – such as restaurants – you cannot work without a work space. In other businesses – such as freelance graphic design – you can get away without meeting your customers in person. What if you find yourself “in the middle”? You have to measure the value and frequency of your face-to-face meetings.

Cooperation This is not only about the front-facing side of your business. An office creates a cooperative environment (in most cases, at least) in which you can talk company issues with colleagues in real time. truth; The world of GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts has greatly reduced the need for geographically stable collaboration, but in some cases person-to-person consultation is still necessary.

Concentration and creativity. Having a designated “workspace” pays dividends in less-quantitative but equally valuable terms. If you can swing it, then having a place to go to focus your attention on a particular project will help you to reduce and even eliminate distracting while working.

Some businesses may manage to provide with all of the above without a large, dedicated office space. Others need it. its

Understand what your business needs in a place – now and in the future.

For those who like shopping for a house or an apartment, searching for an office together can be exciting and overwhelming. However, being prepared can reduce the stress of your search. Bobby Goodman, Truss’s co-founder, Bobby Goodman, said don’t let the business dive into the process without a clear idea of ​​the company’s founder helping to find office space.

He said, “To make the process smooth and successful, I recommend stopping and preparing before the search.” “This includes knowing how you will use your space, what facilities are desired, and setting up a ‘price railing’ to prevent you from going over budget. Each office space will have different features, so [ It’s important to understand your] priorities. “

Goodman said that you should also consider your trajectory and objectives for the near future to develop a potential location with your company, “Goodman:” Before visiting any location, companies should ask themselves Where do they see business in one, three and five years. “

Take Your Time To understand

When you need a new workspace for your growing team, you may think that it is best to hire the first place to meet your needs. However, Orie says it’s best to take your time and preserve the alternation for as long as possible, which means that you can embrace short-term leases while searching for your rightful place.

Locking in a multi-year lease when your business is growing quickly can inhibit growth and possibly even require you to stand up two different offices at the same time, which can create logistical challenges and cost inefficiencies,” he said.

Ory noted you may even be able to find fully furnished office subleases and temporary co-working spaces until you’re ready for a long-term lease. 

“Our company moved four times within a single WeWork co-working space before we moved out to our own office,” he told Business News Daily. “We saved tens of thousands of dollars by taking our time to find the right space, rather than moving to a place in a hurry.”

Choose the right place

Locating in rural areas can be challenging. In cities, it can be expensive. If you already have a staff, you want a central location that can be found easily. The city centers are prestigious, upscale, and have the advantages of convenient transportation, neighborhood restaurants, shopping, gyms, and bars to prepare and socialize after work. At the same time, traffic and parking can be a nightmare. Partly to avoid these issues, increasing numbers of passengers are turning to cycling. 1

If the city address is absolutely necessary, make sure parking is accessible to your team and potential customers.

As cycling to work is becoming more common, make sure there is parking for the bicycle in the space you choose.

If budget is a concern, then accessing small cities or suburbs can be an economical and attractive office. For example, the Orlando market is incredibly expensive. About 30 miles away, historic Sanford is a transitional neighborhood surrounded by Victorian homes. Attractive brick buildings, now home craft brewery and independent restaurants, office space are part of the cost of renting in Orlando, parking is plentiful, and convenient enough to attract top talent

Size and Layout

For a growing business, this may be the most difficult question to answer. How much office space do you need? You need enough space to accommodate the number of employees you have by the end of the lease. If the space starts to get tight and you are closed on a long lease, you have options today. To maximize a smaller space, consider flexible schedules and remote workers, which are attractive options, and can help you attract better talent.

Think about whether you would need the following:

  • living room
  • a break room
  • Lactation Room
  • Phone Booth
  • Any other dedicated room

Do not try to do it yourself!

Finding the right office and then negotiating the right terms for your business is a time-consuming and complicated process, so you should never try to take it on yourself. Use a commercial estate agent in your area who knows the outside market and can “hold your hand” during the process to ensure profitable results for your business.

Review your lease agreement carefully before signing.

Unless you are well versed in real estate, you can run against some misleading phrases in your lease agreement.

“Necessary information about office searches is communicated in the context of industry rather than everyday language that tenants can understand,” Goodman said. “For example, a tenant may perceive ‘total rent cost’, but not ‘triple net lease’, which a broker may call.”

Don’t ignore these unfamiliar words or brush them off – make sure you walk on your leash with a jagged comb, said Eddie Navgate of Fay Design & Consulting.

“Ambiguity can be common when it comes to terminology in leases,” he said. “It may not be clear who is responsible for the payment, and these details may not be revealed until further down the line when it’s too late. Be afraid to ask questions to get what you want. Don’t – nobody cares about you more than your business. Doing.”

Get help from an expert

The process of looking for office space can be overwhelming for a newbie. But if you find a commercial real estate agent or broker who is familiar with properties in the area, they can make the whole process a lot easier. Ask or search around to find someone from your target community on an online portal like Collier International.

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