Girls with curly hair now that caring for them can be a handful. Curly hair, as stunning as it looks, can be more delicate and takes more time to care for. The tighter the curl or coil, the more fragile and temperamental your hair can be. Curls need a little more love to stop them from losing their volume and from becoming limp. Here are some tips on how to keep your curls from going limp.

  • Don’t Over Cleanse Your Hair

There are a number of variants that indicate how many times you should wash your hair. We recommend that women with curly hair keep their shampooing to a minimum, but it depends on how oily your hair gets. To keep your curly hair voluminous, it needs the natural oils and when shampooed too frequently it can become dry. We recommend using shampoo just once or twice a week to keep your curly hair voluminous. When washing curly hair, use cold water to lock in moisture and stop the curls from becoming limp.

Curly and textured hair types can become limp with ease, that is why it’s crucial to keep your curly strands hydrated. We recommend using a hydrating conditioner designed to work with the texture of curls. Avoid sulfate heavy shampoo and instead opt for formulas that include shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera and avocado oil. If you struggle to get volume on the crown, try rinsing your hair upside down to stop the curls from losing volume.

  • Use Styling Product Properly

The sooner you set your curls, the more volume they will stay. Apply the styling products to wet hair to stop your curls from turning to frizz. If you wait too long post-wash to apply styling products like mousse, you may rough up the hair cuticle, causing your curls to lose definition and become limp. When applying products, work them through the lengths of your hair with closed hands. Avoid raking your hair through the curls, as it can cause damage.

If you have previously straightened your curly hair, wash with shampoo and conditioner to restore their natural curly pattern. Only virgin curly hair clip ins can be straightened, avoiding using hot tools on synthetic hair as it can be extremely damaging.

  • Air Dry Your Hair When You Can

Air-drying your curls is the best choice to maintain curly hair volume. If you don’t have the time to air dry your hair and wish to blow dry, be sure to add a diffuser attachment to your blow dryer. This will limit the amount of direct heat hitting your curly strands.

Gently dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a harsh towel. Towels can make your curly hair frizzy and lose any of that definition. Generally, try not to disturb your curls when they are drying. Whilst air drying, try not to run your fingers through them and avoid playing with your hair until totally dry.Also, remember to never sleep with loose wet hair, for it may tangle and become damaged while you sleep.

  • Invest in Good Hair Care Products

Using the wrong products on curly hair and curly hair clip-ins can have lasting damage. Investing in high quality curly hair volume products that are made for your pattern type, and if you have clip in extensions for added volume, hair extension friendly products.

Use a mild shampoo or a low-lather cleansing conditioner. These products will refresh your hair and scalp without stripping away natural moisture and oils. Another tip that girls with curly hair regularly do is dilute their shampoo or conditioners with distilled water.

It’s not just sulfate products that are bad for curly hair and curly hair clip in extensions, silicones can loosen bonds and damage curly clip ins. If you do find yourself using silicone based products, avoid putting them directly on clip in bonds. Silicones can easily build up on the hair, forming a barrier that stops conditioner and treatments working their magic.

Alcohol based products are drying, especially if you have clip in hair extensions to add volume to your curly hair. There are lots of fantastic and inexpensive non-alcohol based products on the market that will not leave your hair limp and your curly hair extensions shedding.

  • Brush with Care

Rather than brushing your curly hair clip in extensions and your naturally curly hair, run your fingers through it to detangle the strands. Brushing curly weaves can dry them out, losing that stunning curly volume. Using a wide tooth comb when wet can also help detangle whilst still retaining the curl definition.

With these simple changes to your haircare routine, you will be able to keep your curly hair voluminous and bouncy. Avoid limp, lifeless curls with these tips.


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