How to make a logo in an hour


The logo of your dreams in just an hour! Only on the website you will be able to choose your logo. Within two minutes after ordering, you will have the opportunity to choose your logo among the options presented by us!

And so what is it, a logo?

Let’s figure it out! In general, a logo as we know it; an emblem, any graphics, signs, symbols, etc. It is used by various private enterprises, private companies, and the like, so that they have greater recognition and recognizability among society.Simply put, a logo is the name of a particular entity that it represents. It can also become a trademark if it is certified.

History: The term “logo” itself was mentioned in the XIX century, which denoted the union of several signs. It arose due to a large influx of production, as well as competition, and exports of goods. And already in the middle of the same century, any text stereotype was called a logo, which allowed not to type it every time.

The first type of logo that was officially registered was the font mark of the product in combination with the graphics of the Vass beer.

 There are several types of logo:

1) Brand name (any graphics or graphic design).

2) Font type.

3) Corporate block (a combination of the first two types of logo).


* Memorable.

* Universal.

* Associativity.

* Originality.

* Functionality.

* Conciseness..

* Scalability.

* Natural to all means.

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 How to create a logo?

A well-designed logo will help in business promotion, and it is also the best and most effective way to arouse the interest of the user and the target audience. An important rule when creating a logo is that you cannot create a logo without understanding or studying it. Careless attitude to the logo provokes decline and ridicule from competitors. It takes a lot of preparation to create a good logo.It is important to remember that a logo is not a brand, but only an important part of it. The logo has the opportunity to tell about your business.

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The created logo should, by its appearance alone, interest a person for further work. But it is also important to remember that the logo is not only your representative as a brand. Also, they should not be inferior in quality in the product that you produce.

And so step 1 when creating a logo, it is important to have some idea. Search for ideas to create it. You can make rough sketches of it. Or what you would like to embody in your logo for a long time.

Step 2 your target audience. A brand name is not created because it is necessary or it is so fashionable now. It is important to study your audience and potential consumers for what they love and appreciate you. Why they don’t change your product. Based on this, you can start and make rough sketches. Also, do not forget that the simplicity of the logo is also very important. The sign of your quality should be memorable while having some fine line between simplicity and a well-proven product and brightness or a perfectly matched color structure.

Step 3 select the shape for the logo.

Step 4 decide on the final color option. You can use no more than 4 colors. If you use no more than 4 colors, you can achieve the desired result. Provide enough white space. So that the eyes of a person looking at your company sign do not strain so much .

Conclusion: The importance of a well-chosen logo has long been known to everyone. Since this is an important point in terms of the company’s image. In the future, this will serve to identify the company in the market itself. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate!

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