The first date for every Black phone dater is memorable. It could be either lovely or horrible; it depends on the overall interaction and conversation between the two partners. To avoid the latter case, single African American men need to take a few precautionary steps to make their female partners safe and secure.

When men are going for the first meeting with her he used to talk over the phone, they are worried about different things. This includes whether she will like their choice of outfit, what if she dislikes after meeting in-person, what all to say, and if she will like the dating venue. In contrast, Black women from the top chat lines are more concerned about him whether he will find her attractive after meeting or not.

Tips by Vibeline Chat Line for Men to Score Second Date Chance

Guys must know a few things when it comes to the first date with hot and sexy Black women he met via free trial chat line number. The first dare should be memorable and comfortable for both of you. To make sure this, experts from the hottest phone chat line for Black nailed down certain things for men that are listed below:

1- Never Suggest Picking Your Date 

Maybe you have built a trust for her, but not she. Revealing the information where she lives is a personal choice. She may not be comfortable in letting you know this so early or until she built a trust level. So, when it is time for the first date, never suggest picking up her.

2- Choose Public Place for the Meeting 

Never plan to meet her at your place. It is strongly recommended to choose a public place as this will ease her fear because there were people in her surroundings. She will feel safe with you throughout the date. Avoid being too ambitious; instead, choose a casual place so that there is no concern for the expensive food or any other things of this type.

3- No Crossed Arms

When it is a matter of the first date, the body language of individual matters a lot, and no one can deny this fact. Sitting with crossed arms signifies holding back and being closed. It is also reflective of insecurity and anger. A woman from Vibeline Chat Line Number who feels like you are open about your history and flaws will trust you in a better way.

4- No Physical Touch

Remember it’s the first date and thinking to get physical? Professionals from the phone dating world suggest no touching on the first date unless she hints at you first. This conveys the message that when you meet her first, do a formal handshake and not a hug.

5- Smile Gently Not So Loud 

Smiles feel welcoming and warm. A gentle smile is what every lady wants from her partner. Too loud of it may make you feel suffocated and sinister. A pleasant smile will make her feel comfortable too. While with the reliable chat line dating partner, experts suggest not to show teeth. This shows there’s no annoyance or judgment. You too are very much happy with her on this date.

6- Do Not Overdo Things to Make Her Smile 

Most women from the local Vibeline chat line number believe in enjoying the company of a guy who makes them laugh. In case you are not good at cracking a joke, let it be! Stop trying hard, be natural. Just to make her laugh with silly jokes, you may end up with something else.

7- Mirror Her 

Mirroring the body language of your phone dating partner on the first date will give you an idea of what she is comfortable with and what not. In case she reaches your hand, reciprocates back. Does she make eye contact? Reach back. If not, Don’t!


Making women dating partners safe and comfortable is not a more difficult task. Knowing a few tricks, men can make their partner feel secure even on the first date. If you are one of the lonely souls who are still in search of a like-minded mate, the Free Trial offer at Vibeline is for you. Since both partners are strangers to each other, it is important to know a few tips to make the first date truly memorable. 


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