How To Make Your Food Product Stand Out on Store Shelves Using Labels

Designing custom labels for your food products can be challenging yet fulfilling and exciting. You may have observed that all of the best designs seem to capture the identity and essence of the company, brand, and the products themselves. Be they alcoholic beverages, eggs, or coffee, the label design needs to draw the right audience and contribute significantly to sales conversion. Take a look below at the tips that you can use with your food products label designs to get your products off the shelves faster.

Make Sure that Your Food Labels Can Do Post Sales Marketing

Many consumers will take a closer look at the packaging of a food product later at home. You should take advantage of this by including some promotional content on your label. For instance, you can display recipes that utilize some of the products your company creates as ingredients. This tactic is so effective that some companies, such as Kraft Foods, can distribute recipe magazines!

Call Attention to Special Features and Consumer-Preferred Ingredients

Seeing a fruit or vegetable covered in dew droplets has become a cliché in the food industry. This has happened because it works. However, you can go another way that’s more honest and still brilliant – you can show the actual fresh ingredients used in creating your product.

In the modern market, showcasing foods on your packaging alone won’t suffice. When you highlight important features and make the easily visible, you get to attract more customers and impress the ones you already have. You can display your awards, preparation methods, original ingredients, organic logos, and taste-test surveys.

Make the Food Inside Your Packaging Visible

You can take things up a notch by giving your labels a clear see-through section through which your customers can see the actual food. Of course, it is okay to print your actual food on your packaging. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to whatever is ‘okay’ and should consider giving your customers a sneak peek of what they’re about to purchase with the actual treat.

Remain Informed About your Competitors’ Trends

It isn’t unheard of for companies in the same industry to come up with similar designs, even without attempting to copy from each other. This makes it difficult for consumers to really notice one. You need to consider what your competition is up to so that you can do your labels differently and make your products easy to distinguish from those of your competitors.

Figure Out the Preferences, Likes, and Dislikes of Your Consumers

Before starting out on your designing process, you should figure out the information that your consumers regard as most important. This tells you what they’re looking for, the issues they encounter, and how your food product can solve them.

Bottom Line: Know What Your Labels Should Do For You

You should come up with food labels that do more than what regular ones do. For example, yours should communicate delicious flavors, top-quality ingredients, explain the best cooking processes, and showcase the right colors. This draws and keeps the attention of your audience.

If you’re creating your first labels, don’t fret; you’ll get the hang of it. Once you get your labels to tick all the right boxes, they will quickly get your products off the shelves and deliver your expectations. All the best as you embark on this rewarding venture.