An event planner plays an integral role in the event organization as he knows how to play all the instruments, design communication operation, and anticipates the smallest details. During the settlement of an event, he defines his budget, his context, and the objectives, prepares his specifications, and choose the service provider. The event can take place in many forms, such as the fun gala, the seminar, the trade show, the lunch of a new product, and a sporting event.

The events that are organized in the corporate environment are often based on communication company strategy and aims to change the internal company behavior, launch a product, motivate or train your staff as well as focus on the external behavior of the clients towards the brand. Corporate event planning services are offered by many companies and bring companies employees together, sales initiatives, incentivize team achievements, or entertain seniors.

Well, corporate event planning goes beyond the meeting planning. As there are some other events, you may be asked to organize that include corporate hospitality, entertaining client conventions, exhibitions, and events like incentive travel reward programs, charity fundraising events or receptions parties. However, executing a corporate event is not a single task; instead, it’s is a laborious process and exceeds up to months-long process constituting various stages.

Types of Corporate Events:

When you are going to organize an event, you need first to assume the size of the event, then evaluate the budget that is fixed for it. Corporate event planning services are categorized into the following types.

·         Micro Events:

These events are known as simple events and are planned for up to 100 delegates and include intimate training sessions. It usually involves a room booking, presentation facilities, breakout refreshments, and registration. However, it may be a little complicated as planning a conference for 500 attendees.

·         Small Events:

Small events are organized for the delegates between 100 and 250 attendees, and it might be a seminar, training days, or departmental conferences. The corporate event manager has to arrange a main stage itinerary and several breakout sessions as well as audio-visual facilities, lunch, transport, and online registration procedure.

·         Midsize Events:

These events are organized to cater to 1,000 delegates or leadership summits for essential clients to meet the senior leaders and known as the company-wide conference. While making the budgetary consideration, you need to tackle all the following things in it—for instance, a branded website, pre-event communications, and an event mobile app.

Delegates may also require the following facilitations that include hotel accommodation, plus transport, a pre or post-event reception, or evening entertainment may be required as a part of a complex multi-stream conference.

·         Large Events:

The theme is similar to that of a midsize event. Still, the number of attendees can be scale around 10,000 and also require some enterprise technology tools such as hotel room bookings, delegate flights, budgets, and online registration. As this event comprises of multiple days; hence, you need to manage the offsite activities such as dinners, partner programs, an award ceremony, or other complex itinerary planning also included.

You need to carefully manage all the processing of catering, staffing, registration, speaker, and delegate management while organizing a large scale event.

Event Budgeting:

In the corporate event management, the budget influence the whole event planning, from the choice of venue and speakers to the levels of catering, entertainment, technology, and staffing, all includes in it. You have to manage all these events within a fixed budget.

You can also settle a budget if a similar event has already been organized in the past. But it would be best if you also considered the inflation and evolving tools & technologies before estimating a budget.


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