How To Take Time To Recharge Without A Traditional Vacation


When things get too stressful in life, at work or astound us, we crave a place where we can go and recharge. Vacations were usually our main getaway from the daily chaos and hectic world. Unfortunately, we can’t travel now, nor get away from all our worries because we’re in the midst of a pandemic. And, the end of this global trouble seems to be nowhere in sight. But, instead of growing desperate and diving into a bad mood further and further, we can still take time for ourselves. Learn how you can take time to recharge without a traditional getaway.

Take a break from the news

Yes, you should be updated and know all about restrictions and safety measures which are changing almost daily. However, obsessively checking the news every hour only increases your anxiety. There’s nothing you can do to stop this pandemic. You can only follow safety measures and practice social distancing. So, decide to take a break from the news, both written and presented on TV. You’ll observe the change in your mood and feel yourself becoming lighter and worry-free.

Pursue your interests

Schedule a break from all your regular tasks midweek. You don’t have to do the laundry or do any of your regular chores. Instead, take the afternoon off to pursue your interests. This can become your regular routine from this moment forward. Take this time to focus on doing something creative. Any type of creative activity is immersive so your entire focus and thought processes will be invested in your hobby. You can pick up an old passion and refine your skills with the help of online tutorials. Or, you can learn something entirely new and expand your horizons.

Delete addictive apps for a week

Do people have your phone number? Of course they do. At least those who fall into the very-important-people category. Everyone else is probably not that important if they only reach out to you over social media apps. We’re all spending so much time on social media daily. Since we can’t spend time traveling or in our favorite cafes, we might as well see what other people are up to. But, if you’re serious about recharging, then you should delete addictive apps for a week. It’ll feel like you’re truly on a vacation because you’ll take yourself out of your regular daily narrative. Wake up, scroll, post, like comment, repeat – pause this activity for a week to truly recharge. By deleting these addictive apps, you’ll take reign of your own time.

Do something good for your body

Whether it’s a daily spa session at home or a physio treatment session to fix your back, do something nice to treat your body. Taking part in an activity that is good for your wellbeing such as regular exercise, cycling, hiking, can take away the edge and ease the stress away. If you enjoy an activity, your brain floods your body with feel good hormones. Take advantage of this natural body and replenish your energy. Apart from this, you should prioritise regular exercise at home or outside because we move less than we used to because we work from home.

Daycation is a real thing

Try taking an entire day to yourself whenever you feel like you need a vacation. This means you get to act just like you’re on a vacation. You get to do nothing at all or everything you want and need. But, there’s a catch with this day-cation. It shouldn’t happen over the weekend because weekends are our regular rest days. At least we hope that your weekends are work-free and entirely your own. Daycation should happen sometime during the workweek or even once a month. Take the day off and give yourself a chance to stop and be entirely present in the moment.

Spend time outside every day after work

Exploring the great outdoors every day can feel like a getaway. Even if you explore a different trail every day, you’ll get away from your regular routine, get out of your house and engage in a fun activity and recharge. If you’re somewhere warm, make sure you’re dressed comfortably. In case you’re located somewhere cold, dress appropriately and make sure you stay warm. Don’t use “it’s too hot” or “it’s too warm” as an excuse to stay locked in all the time. Hiking or walking is still a safe activity and you can do it on your own or with a member of your household.

Recharging without a proper vacation is possible if you know which steps to take. Nothing will ever change the way we feel during or after a good vacation, but we need to do what we can. Read our tips and implement them into your routine to jazz up your energy levels.


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