Bag Support Belt

The Renaissance of ileostomy Bag Support Belt

In this write up, I will be talking about the features of ileostomy Bag Support Belt. The Belt is made to work along with the appliance you are using. The  Belt will suit either right side or left side stomas and is an outstanding option for ostomates with ileostomy colostomy and urostomy procedures.

What the Ostomy Belt is made up of?

The belt is made of four parts. The belt itself comprises soft Tricot substance backing and a Velfoam face substance that is weaved to form a pocket to clench the “Stoma Hernia Plate”. The hole through which your pouch is grabbed is enclosed by three “Button Holes” that suit the tabs of the “Stoma Shield”. The Open Weave Elastic is weaved to the belt carcass. All these substances are free from Latex.

Stoma Hernia plate helps to stave off leaking and give the hernia backing. The Hernia plate also comprises soft plastic and is produced to conform with the pocket of the belt body. It is created with the reasonable opening for the 2 3/8″, 2 3/4″ and 3 1/2″ Oval opening belts.

The Stoma Shield is scraped from a powerful plastic substance and folded to suit the “Buttonholes” over the opening of the belt. If appropriate, it will enable adequate flow into your pouch while deterring discomfort or trauma to the stoma from seat belts or workplace duties.

The flexible pocket below the body of the belt grips your ostomy pouch in such a way that the ostomy bag does not shake as you move, and grips the weight of the ostomy pouch as it fills. This curbs any pulling impact on the wafer and also deters leaks.

Recommending and the Uniqueness of Stealth Beth 

The company that produces this belt has so much belief that if a person has an ostomy, the person should be able to live his life with dignity, comfort, ability to go anywhere without shame and do anything is possible. Thus, the Stealth Belt was produced as contemplation of that belief. The following are some of the features that make this product unique:

Quality Product: they are made with the highest quality substances and a relentless focus on both satisfaction and usability. The 4-way stretch fabric was used, which is more durable enough to adhere during severe sports, but also safe, portable and breathable enough to be used for confidentiality or sleep.

Freedom in design: This product is manufactured to be low profile and discrete so that you have the privilege to determine who to reveal to that you have an ostomy and who you don’t want

Attention to detail: The company customer service agents are highly aware of ostomies, and individualized measuring procedure arises from knowing first hand that little items can sum up to make a big change!

Regular Innovation: The company doesn’t just produce the products, they utilize them as well. They are frequently testing means to enhance the ostomy belts and take reports from their customers seriously for all new styles.