With millions of users Facebook is a great place to get traffic to your websites and also to build your brand. There are so many ways to promote your message, so Facebook marketing can become a daunting process. This is exactly the reason why you should track your activities and there results in Facebook.

If you are a brand or a small business the best way to build a brand in Facebook is by creating your own page. You should spend some time creating an attractive Facebook page because new visitors will judge you based on that. Consider hiring a design company because a well designed Facebook page can benefit you tremendously. Creating a Facebook page is only the first step, the hard part is getting people to like your page.

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Your Facebook updates will appear in other people profiles only if they liked your page, so increasing likes is very important to spread your message. This is where tracking become important. The insights link available in your Facebook page gives you lot of information which you can use in your Facebook marketing campaign. You can see the number of likes, whether the likes were paid or organic, Number of unique visitors and the top referrers to you page and much more data.

 You can see which of your posts are getting the most reactions so you can fine tune your Facebook updates.

Tracking Brand Mentions in Facebook Marketing

Another important thing to track is mentions of your brand in Facebook. There is no way to do this via Facebook because a search for your brand name will only get you results of Facebook pages and profiles that has mentioned the brand. Some status updates will be shown, but those are only from your friends. If someone who isn’t a Facebook friend of yours mentioned your brand you won’t find it by doing a Facebook search. Anyway it’s a tedious and a repetitive task to do this everyday. Instead you can use a service like HootSuite social media dashboard. You setup a search and quickly and easily see when someone mentions your brand on Twitter. You can take this opportunity to connect with them and enhance the relationship with that customer.

Importance of Consistent Posting in Facebook Marketing

The objective of your Facebook campaign is to increase your brand presence. To become a well known brand you should consistently appear on your followers timeline. Scheduling your posts in a timely manner is the best way to do that. Remember consistency isn’t spamming. Try to limit yourself to around one or two posts a day. But make sure to send it out in the optimal time. Make sure the update are relevant. If it’s a current hot topic you can give a fresh look to it by creating an info-graphic. You can use a web application like Creately diagramming tool to do this easily. Funny quotes, beautiful pictures etc tend to engage users more, but don’t overdo it because then your marketing message will be lost.

Mentioned above are few reasons why you should track your Facebook marketing campaigns and how to build your brand by sticking to a consistent update schedule. If you are not tracking, today is a good day to start tracking and tweaking your Facebook campaigns.


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