Invitation boxes are one of the trending boxes that are being used for carrying your wedding invites along with special inserts like chocolates, toffies, and cookies. Wedding cards enclosed in inventive Invite boxes make your folks feel special. Scheming an eye-catching custom Invite box needs professional know-how. These packages can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many prestigious printing presses have been catering to the needs of hundreds of happy clients across the board. The commitment to deliver the best services has earned them an important individuality in the niche. Inspirational invitation boxes are getting a broader reception as a substitute for traditional envelopes. The imaginative designs of these boxes stamp an impression on the minds of the receivers. Personalized marriages include them as fundamentals. Embellished covers and silk laces make the boxes more delightful. A catchy phrase would add to the charisma of the packages. So before ordering invitation boxes, plan your design accordingly.

Here are some of the design types you can use to beautify your wedding invitation packaging

Beach in the Box

Do you have a marriage ceremony by the beach? So, are you looking for an attractive way to present your invitations? Then rest assured, as the best idea for sending a beach motivated wedding invites is by surprising them with a custom beach box. You can use these distinct beachy invitation packages to send to your lovely guests. This type of packaging might be a bit expensive, but it will surely be worth it. This package has a special hinged mechanism with a gliding drawer near the base of the box. The drawer holds the invite card in attractive pastel colors. And the upper section comprises pebbles, pearl droplets, rocks, shells, some sand, or other beach accessories in miniature glass bottles. These beach-inspired cases are literally jaw-dropping and make a great impression on your invitees.

Monopoly Inspired Box

Are you looking for a unique design? Then this distinctive indoor game-inspired box is certainly the creation of a genius mind. Monopoly is a game that is liked by nearly everyone. So if you and your significant other is a monopoly fan, then monopoly printed invite boxes are certainly made for you. You can modify them with bright colors and game graphics. Add dice or communities printed on the junction. Insert a foldable card that has the essential details inside and game on the external side. Get a lovely or sassy tagline written on the box. These can be like to join us for the game of age and stimulate your guests.

Wooden Lacquer Box

If you are looking for a touch of class and sophistication in your wedding invite, then this is the one to go with! It is perfect for the people who want to keep it modest but also rich at the same time. The package is prepared from textured or grained timber. If you want, special engravings can be made, such as etched name initials or your wedding date on the wooden top. The top is connected with the body with the help of metallic joints and lock. Inside this custom packaging, cards can be placed on velvety or silk fabric to give it a touch of silk invitation boxes. The tailored wooden designed box is a perfect choice if your wedding is to take place in a rural area or an orchard.

Vinyl Record Box

Vintage designs always have a special place in our minds. They never go out of fashion. To achieve that vintage vibe from the 70s to your wedding invites, go for vinyl record holders. You can either give a retro or a soft yellow colored theme to the whole package. To make thig s even more attractive, go for a photo of yourself and your significant other on the box or get an illustration imprinted. One other helpful tip is that you can also get an emblem of the couple name initials printed in gold on the front. On the black record disk that is to be positioned inside, you can add all the information concerning the wedding ceremony. This time, let the record invitation box mailers play the symphony at your wedding.

Suitcase style package

If you are looking for a rich and classy destination marriage ceremony, the distribution of the invites in an ordinary packing is horrible. Boxed invites would be a perfect choice for this great occasion. Get your hands on suitcase styled packages that come in retro, antique, and lively colors. The symbolic wedding invite boxes with clips or handgrips convey the meaning that guests should pack up their costumes and head towards the dream wedding destination. You can also add the images of the wedding location on these packaged invites to sweep the guests off their feet even before the ritual starts.

Pop-out Invites

Just like pop-up invites, pop-out invites are in demand these days. They are much easier to manufacture and use than the former. These explosion wedding packages are all about high-class designs and flourishes. They are made up of numerous custom printed card pieces in varied sizes – from larger to smaller as you go more inside. You can print wedding details and add a picture of the pair on the cards. In the middle, you can add any minuscule prop such as a three-layered wedding cake, a couple on the stand, or pink flowers to make the invitation packages for a gift look more stunning. As these boxes are handmade, so they take time to produce, so to save time, order wedding card boxes wholesalenow!  When it comes to marriage invites, you have to let your internal imaginative child come out. Make the Invitation boxes more interesting and exclusive by using advanced printing and designing methods. You can take some help from the above mentioned trendy designs to add elegance to your invites as well.


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