iPhone 4K Video Player apk 2021

iPhone 4K Video Player apk 2021

You will have to make sure that your iPhone X/Plus/XS/XR has a recent version of iWork. And with that downloaded in iTunes, open the app. Tap the icon, then locate iOS 12 and confirm the download.

You should have an icon called “iPhone Video Player. On the list of installed apps and that icon is all you need to install it. 4k video downloader online . It will appear in your homescreen’s widget and the video player. App icon is even displayed in a dock in the bottom right corner of the lock screen. You should now be able to play any videos you have stored on your phone.

How to install the Lock screen widget

iPhone Home Screen widget

The iPhone Home Screen widget is great for showing you just that – your home screen. You can add shortcuts for favorite apps, widgets, mail, notes and more. Install 4K Video player .

How to use it

Head into Settings > Display & Brightness and ensure that you are on the desired brightness for the wallpaper. You can also enable a night mode for the wallpaper. Once you have the wallpaper picked. Head into the Home Screen widget, tap the plus icon in the top right corner, and enable the 3D Touch option. After that, you should be able to swipe down the home screen. To reveal a slew of different widgets that you can access. You can add a different app or shortcut to the dock, which will be in a three-dot area in the top right corner of the home screen.

How to edit lock screen app icons

iPhone Lock screen widgets

To edit an app icon, simply head into Settings > Lock Screen & Passcode and make sure that you have the appropriate options enabled. For example, you can only have two apps on the first page, and only one app icon on the second page. You can change this so that you have four or five icons per page, and also have as many folders as you like on the third page. It is also possible to have folders that change over time, or with new folders added, which can be handy if you have a different view every time you launch your phone.

What is a lock screen?

The lock screen is the strip of glass on your iPhone which displays shortcuts, widgets, alerts, and more. It is the thing that shows notifications that you can interact with, or even add new apps to the home

screen. The lock screen is usually indicated by a light (or a darkened bar) appearing on the display when your phone is unlocked.
How to use notification controls
iPhone Notification controls
A cool feature introduced with iOS 11 is the ability to quickly pause notification alerting, as well as immediately turn it off when you press the notification or use the command “ notification off ”. This is an easy way to keep your notification controls more discreet.
How to control Apple News in iOS 11
The iOS News app has received a lot of attention this year. It makes it easy to find news tailored to your preferences, and gives you a well-organised view of all your news outlets at one glance. Head into Settings > News and select the “Customise” option in the left menu. Here, you can

choose the style of the interface, as well as make certain items bigger, or make the scroll bar smaller. You can even configure notifications to automatically pull you to the next story in your Software News app.
How to fix a dead battery in iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have Apple’s A10 Fusion chip, meaning they have a lot more processing power than their predecessors. That said, the battery life is not what it once was, and there are plenty of people out there who are stuck with a battery that is completely dead on arrival.

The iPhone 7 is a 5.1-inch phone, and comes with a 2880mAh battery. It is a bit of an easy target, so Apple suggests checking out the tips below if you are struggling with battery life.
How to re-start an iPhone 7
Head into Settings > Battery and tap on the Battery option. The top bar will show the percentage of your battery. If you see the black bar at 50%, you are better off plugging in your phone to charge. Otherwise, try tapping the “