Is Bluetooth Speakers and Headphone are Safe for Brain?

Wireless Bluetooth headphones & Speakers have become a popular gadget, but there are now some concerns about their health effects on the brain. Last week, the internet was awash with news that Bluetooth headphones could increase the risk of cancer.

Although Bluetooth wireless headphones & Speakers emit low levels of radiation compared to mobile phones, their placement is a major problem. Most other scientists, however, are still reluctant to say that this radiation is unsafe or dangerous.

Some believe that there is no scientific evidence that radiation from Bluetooth headphones or other wireless devices such as mobile phones is dangerous, but they have the potential to cause cancer.

The World Health Organization says there is plenty of evidence that radiation from Bluetooth Speakers and other wireless devices can cause cancer, but there is no evidence that this is a cause for concern, as a recent National Cancer Institute study shows.

In summary, the study shows that the use of radio frequency waves used in mobile phones and Bluetooth transmitters can lead to health problems, including fertility problems, cancer and hearing loss.

The type of radio frequency emitted by Bluetooth, mobile phones and Wifi transmissions has been suspected to be the cause of cancer, but the scientific jury has not yet determined the cause of this particular device. Related cancer research has shown that radiation from mobile phones is similar to that from Bluetooth and that tumours can form in the nerves that connect the brain and ears, in addition to the fact that the magnetic field of blu Bluetooth must pass through your brain to talk to each other. The DNA in your cells is affected by Bluetooth radio earbuds, depends on whether the radiation (EM F) can affect your head and brain in a way we have seen.

It looks like using things like Bluetooth earbuds will increase your chances of developing a brain tumor (glioma). Although the increased risk of brain cancer is not limited to Bluetooth headphones, we can see an obvious link. The correlation between the two is obvious, even if it does not come from them alone.

Although it is officially stated that there is no evidence that Bluetooth is dangerous to humans, this thinking is only a small mistake. There is a wealth of scientific evidence to support the idea that both Bluetooth and the use of wireless headphones are harmful. The short version is that there is radio frequency radiation from Bluetooth or the use of mobile phones, which can have negative health effects. Bluetooth headphones do not fry the brain, kill cells, and they do not cause brain cancer.

An article by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, published in the journal in March 2012, believes that radiation from mobile phones and Bluetooth earphones emits signals of calcium ions and causes ion channels to seep into the brain. He also mentioned that this can weaken the blood-brain barrier and possibly cause neural damage. He recommends using Bluetooth headphones instead of phones to reduce the radiation you get from your phone. Wearing a Bluetooth headphone is much less harmful to your brain than a phone that has a phone that produces radio waves that can be more harmful to the brain.

If you are using your phone for long periods of time, it is therefore recommended to get a Bluetooth headset that helps to reduce the amount of radiation you receive from the phone. The weak Bluetooth signal is also relatively energy efficient, and if you’re flat, you can still use Bluetooth headphones with speaker and keyboard. If you are concerned about your health and exposure to EMF radiation, do not use the Bluetooth earbuds when you are in a car where the radiation is trapped in the metal of the car and continues to bounce around and absorb radiation. They may also not be used in public places such as public parks or public buildings if they are too close to a public place.

To reduce the risk of RFR exposure, you should use electronic devices in moderation, including Bluetooth headphones. Now that you know how dangerous the radiation from these devices can be, you will probably start wearing Bluetooth handsets a little less often.

Using a Bluetooth headset with your phone helps with the immediate danger of radiation emanating from your phone. Using Bluetooth headsets helps reduce your radiation exposure, but you’ll still need to use your phone no matter what.

If you are worried about the long-term effects of your phone’s radiation exposure on your brain, Bluetooth headsets can help reduce your risk. If you are concerned about your mental health and / or the health of your family members, friends or colleagues, a Bluetooth headset can also be an effective way to reduce your risks. Whether for health reasons or just as a means of communicating with friends and family, Bluetooth headsets could also help reduce the risk for you.


Yes, Now You know that Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones are not Safe for Brain. But, If you are using it for little amount of time like 1 or half hour a day than it’s ok to use Bluetooth headphones.

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