Rash Guards

Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards’ Guide You’ve Been Looking For

As the name suggests rash guards are used to protect the skin. When doing jiu jitsu, keepin rashes at bay. If you’re thinking of buying one and enjoying the benefits they bring you first need to find out a bit more about them and how to go about finding the rash guard that’s going to be right for you. This is what we’re going to discuss today, so read on to find out more.

Why Use Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards?

First of all, we need to discuss why rash guards are so important. They prevent mat burn and damage to the skin. Which also makes things such as infections a lot less likely too. There’s also less moisture and slippery from sweat, and the compression that the rash guard delivers also makes muscle injuries less common. So all in all, rash guards are massively beneficial when doing jiu jitsu.

Select the Brand Carefully

When you start the process of looking for jiu jitsu rash guards, you first need to think about the make. It’s usually a good idea to buy from a brand that specializes in making rash guards and understands the needs of buyers. The products from companies such as these are usually more reliable and better designed. than generic rash guards from non-specialized companies.

Look for Durable Material

When you buy a new rash guard you want it to last a long time and remain durable for many years to come. The quality of the material should be one of your top priorities for exactly that reason. You want it to be tough and durable while also offering the level of comfort that you’re looking for. That’s certainly possible, but not every rash guard will deliver on that.

Choose a Gender-Specific Rash Guard

It’s a good idea to look for a gender-specific rash guard if you want to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort. When you choose a gender-specific rash guard, you can ensure it conforms to the shape of your body better & offers a much more comfortable fit than. You’d get from a more generic rash guard that’s not tailored to a gendered body shape.

Don’t Allow Your Rash Guard to Restrict Your Movement

Finally, you should make sure the rash guard you choose doesn’t restrict you or your movement in any way. If you try one on and you find it does that, it might be a sign that you need to move a size up or find a better option. Your movement needs to be free and flowing when you’re doing jiu jitsu and your rash guard doesn’t have to hold you back in any way.

With the use of the advice we’ve outlined for you here, you’ll soon find the rash guard that’s right for you and offer the protection you’re looking for. It’ll make your jiu jitsu sessions far more comfortable and you won’t feel the after-effects on your skin the way you might have in the past.