2020 may have left your mind cluttered and your home disorganised. As there tends to be a correlation between these two, you may have listed cleaning as one of your 2021 resolutions to pull yourself out of the cycle.

To keep your home in pristine condition all year round, you need to stick to an efficient and effective cleaning system. Spend the Year of the Ox productively with a neat home that welcomes abundance with these steps below.

  • Do a deep-clean.

If you want to thoroughly clean your home, it’s best to do each chore for the entire house rather than clean room after room. This keeps you from feeling as if you’re done with cleaning before you’ve actually cleaned the whole house.

As you might be allotting time every few weeks to clean your home beyond the usual sweeping or vacuuming, you might as well do a comprehensive clean-up. Dust your shelves and desks and rearrange their contents. Wipe down surfaces as well as your windows and mop your floors. Learn how to deep-clean your bathroom.

It may take you a while to get into your cleaning routine, but seeing the pay-off will most definitely leave you satisfied. By finishing this first step, you’ll also be inspired to tidy up more!

  • Declutter.

Removing unused items from every room in the house every few months helps you get a more spacious home. For this, Budget Dumpster suggests having three boxes for things you want to keep, put in storage, or get rid of. You can also have a box for items you want to donate.

When making decisions about which things have to go, consider the last time you used them. Save for seasonal items, if they haven’t been touched for the last six months, you probably don’t need them!

We often keep many objects simply because of their sentimental value. This isn’t an entirely bad thing. However, to make way for better things in life, you should keep in mind that you have to let go of things that made you who you are today with gratitude.

  • Do the laundry.

By this, we don’t mean just the contents of your laundry bin. We mean bed covers, curtains, and carpets. You can even have your mattresses and other upholstery cleaned if you feel the need for a completely fresh start.

Doing this can significantly improve your mood. Who doesn’t like the feeling of laying down on a bed with clean sheets that still smell faintly of detergent? With a fresh set of curtains and deep-cleaned carpets, the satisfaction you’ll feel would surely multiply tenfold.

For cleaning for huge and heavy items, the professional washers at Singapore Curtain Cleaning recommend seeking the help of laundry specialists. This makes chores easier for you and assures you that these home items are thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

  • Clean the fridge.

Start a habit of throwing out old food items from your refrigerator on a weekly or monthly basis. Check for spoiled meat and veggies as well as other expired or almost-expired food items and throw these away properly.

At the same time, devote some time to cleaning your fridge every three months. To get rid of the nasty fridge smell, the experts at Fridge Repair Singapore suggest turning off the machine and removing all of its contents, then wiping it with warm, soapy water before removing any soap residue with clean water. Remember to dry it after with a clean towel!

You should also remember to do routine cleaning for your other home appliances, such as your washing machine. The machine that cleans your clothes should also be maintained. Like any other appliance, regular cleaning also helps the device last longer.

These are only some of the things you can do to keep your home clean and improve your home life. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time doing this. The year is still young; you can start with step one for a couple of months and slowly work your way to step four. Before you know it, you’ll be doing all these steps before the end of the year!


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