Key Credit Tips to Keep in Mind for The Newlyweds


The fact that marriage changes everything and for good is undoubtedly true. Marriage leads to a lot of personal and emotional changes in an individual’s life. However, there’s another important change that occurs, which is the financial change. After marriage the responsibility over individuals double-up, so does the income and expenditure of the newlyweds. Married couples often plan their financial goals and objectives for their future life plans. These could be plans to buy a new house, a long-awaited vacation or an investment option. All these financial goals are, however, set in accordance with the dual-income of the couple. This often leads to either proper utilization or mismanagement of funds—both mismanagement and utilization impact a person’s credit score. Also, it is really very easy to conduct a free credit score check, as it can be done efficiently. 

It must also be noted that even when a couple’s financial goals are one, their credit scores are still different and function individually. Thus, this means that the responsibility and management of a good credit score is the responsibility of a person who holds it, and not of his better half. However, a good credit score if owned by both life partners, can always turn out more fruitful in the financial realms. By the end of the day, all future plans and objectives require credits at the end. Thus, a good credit score is always better, and if both partners have good scores, financial goals can be easily achieved. However, there are some things that newlyweds must always consider about credit score; these are listed as follows:

Consider knowing credit scores before applying for loans:

Many financial goals like buying a house or a car often prompts one to borrow a loan. A loan is always a big responsibility. However, the responsibility, when shared with somebody, can always be better handled. Thereby, many couples opt for joint loans with their life partners. However, before opting a joint loan, it is always better to check the credit score of both the applicants. If you plan to apply jointly, always ensure that the other person holds a good credit score and healthy credit habits. In case the credit score of the partner is low, prefer applying for a loan individually.

Keep a check on the fund’s utilization:

There are a lot of ways out there, available in the market, that may range from credit cards to personal loans. The more the ways to spend the more people tend to spend. Thereby, it is always essential to monitor each other’s expenses and expenditure habits. This is because, indebtedness on any one partner, could hamper the savings and investment of the other, and can further disrupt the financial motives. Therefore, ensure that both savings and expenditure are monitored well, and the income is used in a balanced way.

Keep a regular check on each other’s credit score:

True couples not only bear the responsibility towards their emotional and psychological aspirations but also towards financial aspirations of each other. Therefore, apart from keeping a check on each other’s savings and expenditure, it is also important to keep a check on whether the financial reputation is properly maintained. This means keeping a check on each other’s credit score. Regular checks can be maintained by free cibil score range calculators available online. Keeping a check on credit score is important because it is the first step on the financial ladder to meet all financial objectives. A regular check on it will allow one to ensure that one is always capable to borrow funds, whenever required. 

Following the above-mentioned steps will always help maintain good financial coordination between the newlywed couple. This will further allow them to meet their financial objectives and thereby plan their future life in a financially disciplined way. Planning finances is important since it can help couples turn their dreams into reality; this will always ensure a happily ever afterlife.


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