Hydraulic Gear Pumps
Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Before jumping straight into the definition of Hydraulic Gear Pumps let us first have a look at what hydraulic pumps actually mean. We can easily define hydraulic pumps as a mechanical source of power which helps in converting mechanical power into hydraulic energy which can be understood as flow or pressure. These pumps are generally used in various hydrodynamic systems. Let’s see how these hydraulic pumps operate. First it creates a vacuum for the inlet of the pump; this forces the liquid in the reservoir to line up at the inlet of the pump. Then by the force of the pump the liquid is forced to the outlet of the pump and into the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic gear pumps also operate following the same principle of hydraulic pumps, but the only difference is that it consists of gears. These gears help in creating a pressure through the mesh of the gear teeth that forces the fluid around the gears to pressurize the outlet. The gear pumps typically use some oil to work. This oil is introduced into the hydraulic system with the help of a port solely dedicated for this purpose or is just poured randomly into the system.

There are a number of hydraulic gear pumps available in the market. The most common and widely used pumps are the external teeth Hydraulic Gear Pumps.  These pumps are not that expensive and simple to use. One problem that was associated with gear pumps is that it produced a lot of noise; however, due to the advancement in technology this problem has been resolved. The modern day gears are quite reliable and are much quieter than the gears of previous models. This happened because the inventors realized that the precision of teeth matters the most in the sound quality. Hence, we find that Hydraulic Gear Pumps with helical gear teeth, split gear ends, and high quality teeth are easier to mesh and un-mesh when included in the designs. Therefore as you can see that there are many reasons why in modern times people are incorporating hydraulic gear pumps into their designs.

Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Advantages Of Hydraulic Gear Pumps

As you can understand the world has grown accustomed to the working of the hydraulic gear pumps and is using these pumps in various sectors. Moreover, there are a lot of advantages of Hydraulic Gear Pumps, some of them are mentioned below:

  • The most important advantage of having used the hydraulic gear pumps is that they are extremely simple and easy to operate. All that is required is the meshing and un-meshing of the gear teeth. There is nothing complicate about this system.
  • Another great advantage of using this type of pump system is that they are manufactured easily. Since they are not at all a complex machine the manufacturing process also does not involve any kind of hassle. Along with this factor we find that the cost of manufacturing is less for this type of hydraulic pump system.
  • The hydraulic gear pumps are small in structure as compared with pumps of the same strata.
  • Another major benefit is that these pumps are good for self priming. This means that they can easily be relied on even when we rotate them manually.
  • As these pumps require oil to function, it is supposed to accumulate dirt over time. But the good thing about these pumps is that this dirt does not affect the working of the pump.
  • These pumps also have greater speed range which makes them very favorable for working in certain specific conditions.

These were some of the major advantages of hydraulic gear pumps.


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