Launching an extravagant travel booking app


Traveling is something which evokes the parts of us which we didn’t know existed otherwise. Many people enjoy traveling and  crave to go. A quote by Saint Augustine says, ‘’The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.’’Downloading a travel booking app can be the first step in reading the book of the world. Developing a travel booking app for your business can give much better recognition among the customers. MakeMyTrip is one of the renowned travel booking apps. MakeMyTrip fetched a whopping turnover of $118 million as of 2019. Developing an app like MakeMyTrip can do enormous favors for your business.

Advantages of using a MakeMyTrip clone app :  

1) The customers can look at different travel packages, the itinerary, and the costs right from the comfort of their home. It is also more comfortable for the agencies because they update all the information about a package in the app and do not undergo the tedious process of explaining the travel packages to every customer. 

2)It offers the customers an all in one solution where they can take a holistic travel package. Customers can book travel services and also make hotel reservations and much more. The travel means can be facilitated by airlines, railways, buses, and much more according to the customer’s needs.

3) By having an app, it is easier for travel agencies to reach a broader audience. It is easier to market their app online than traditional means of marketing.

4)The MakeMyTrip clone app is ready-made and can be launched quickly in a cost and time-effective way. Developing a new app from scratch demands a lot of capital investment and time. 

5) The MakeMyTrip app has a good reach among the audience because of its user-friendliness and handy nature. Hence using a MakeMyTrip clone for your business can be useful because the app functions smoothly

There are a lot of travel booking app development companies that offer services for travel app development. Choosing the right company is essential because the functioning of the app and your business depends on the developers’ skills and the services they provide. The App development company must provide the below functionalities in the MakeMyTrip clone app.

1) The app must be highly customizable according to business needs. The entrepreneur should have the autonomy to freely customize the color, icons, feature set, and logo of the app. The company must provide turnkey and white-labeled solutions.

2)The app must be ready for deployment in different platforms like Android and iOS devices. 

3) The software must be flexible to use as a mobile app and a proficient website in the system.

4) Their primary key feature should work efficiently, and there should be space for adding on paid plugins as per the company’s needs.

5) The app development company should provide extensive support throughout the process of developing and running the app. It should also help with  effective marketing.

How does a MakeMyTrip app work :

The users can log in using their information and search for different travel packages in the app. Likewise, the agents can log in and upload their travel packages and itinerary in the app. Customers can reserve and request for a package. Once the request is approved, they can carry out their payment process and avail of their service. 

The essential features that are integrated into the app are

Customer’s app

1. The customers can log in and create a profile using their information

2. They can start looking for travel services like flight, railways, cabs and hotel reservations.

3. Customers can even specify the number and preferences of the seats in their travel 

4. They can filter through the packages and services according to elements such as price range, date of availability, and more.

5. Customers can monitor and receive real-time alerts on the status of the request placed.

6. The users can also avail discounts and offers that changes from  time to time in the app

7. Upon completion of the reservations and booking, the customer can give their ratings and feedback on the app’s services.

Agent panel

1. The agency can log in and create a profile. They can market their travel packages and gain insights about their business in a single platform. 

2. The information about the agency such as logo, contact information is displayed on the app.

3. The agents can add information about the travel package, cost, and also discounts that they would like to offer.

4. The agents can assist customers with their queries. For example, if the number of tickets booked is given to the agent, they can look into the ticket booking status.

5. The agency has the autonomy of providing cancellation services as per their business model. They have a separate section for cancellations, depending on eligibility.

6. The agent receives commission reports and can keep track of their earnings in this column.

7. The registered agency gets its certificate of validation and an identity card after the authentication process. 

Admin panel 

1) The admin is provided with an active panel through which they can monitor their whole business. Admin can monitor the activities of users, agents, and advertisers. The admin can grant or restrict permissions of the registrations depending on their verification.

2) The admin can edit, remove, and modify the app’s content and update it according to the industry standards.

3) Push notification option is provided where the customers can be notified about the new offers, discounts, and new policy updates.

4)Advertising columns are vital for revenue generation. Efficient advertising space should be integrated into the app.

5) The admin receives analytics and reports of the business process and customer behaviour. 

The MakeMyTrip clone can either be integrated for an independent travel agency business or can have link-ups of many travel agencies together. Anyway, a travel app is vital because it reduces the hassle of having to go back and forth for booking tickets and making reservations. A travel app that is up- to-date and works on increasing the customer’s ease of travel will fetch good ROI.


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