Just like the nature and habit of a tech person, I am always looking for new stack news and trends and solutions for web development. However, it depends on the personal interest of the but mostly people like to search what’s new technical solution? What has been established in no-code? how can I improve my code? So, from many press releases and tech news, I came across Gatsby Js and its integration with headless CMS for building exceptional web applications. This immediately grabbed my attention and encouraged me to start studying more about React JS since it has been built on JavaScript and React and with less code you can establish the setup using the back-end based on CMS like WordPress.

Introduction to Gatsby WordPress Web Solution

Gatsby WordPress the real new in the tech industry with low code approach and Jamstack architecture embedded in it. Since GatsbyJS can pull content from another source it is a good approach of conveniently integrating a backend based on the visual editor with the front-end that has been built on modern stack technology. Gatsby is just a static site generator using React JS, the function of a simple SSG is to create and style HTML pages without using HTML. Its fast since, the image and the page that is loaded in front of your screen is static and your page is loaded within a fraction of seconds. Secondly, the back-end is not directly attached to it, so it is easy to maintain a stable environment without making any disturbances.

WordPress is the best source of creating websites with a simple setup and easy maintainability, it has a built-in position and a stable reputation in the tech industry. When things were getting more complex and functionalities were required for websites, more plugins were introduced. Jamstack technology came up with the revolutionary idea of de-coupled front and back end so it was required at the moment to get yourself updated with the latest trend, hence WordPress offered its service as headless to become an active participant in the tech industry.

The link between the De-coupled Approach

The approach of Gatsby WordPress template needs a proper set-up, since your front-end and back-end are built-in parallel and it has been using different technology approach so there is a linking point and in Jamstack technology, it is known as the API, the same API requirement in this context is fulfilled by GraphQL APIs. WordPress introduced the WP GraphQL for Gatsby WordPress website templates that is a simple plugin that is installed on the WP admin and another similar one on the Gatsby admin. Here is how you hock up the Static Site generator and the headless content management system.

There is one another approach that is important for linking the front-end and back-end. You might have wondered how would Gatsby pull the code from WordPress? What if I have made changes after working and setting up the website. The answer to this is that we use Github to push and pull the code repository and it’s the actual linking point of this Jamstack approach of web development. Hence, Gatsby WordPress Themes is the new market trend supporting Jamstack technology and a revolution in low code development.      


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