Looking for a High-Quality Skylight

Looking for a High-Quality Skylight? Here is the Best Team

Modernize your home with excellent SKYLIGHT

Are you bored of your old-fashioned curtains? Or looking for an upgrade? Why not give your room a modern high-tech makeover with blinds? Whether it is harsh sunlight or weird spectating looks from your neighbor. You can have control, and superior quality NYCITYBLINDS is the key. 

Team NYCITYBLINDS installs gorgeous and affordable remote control customized blinds all over new york. Suppose you’re someone looking to cut down costs on cooling your home while giving your home a contemporary look. Skylight shades are the best option for you.

 Based on the structural and functional needs, NYCITYBLINDS offers four different varieties of sky shades to look for-

  • Roman shades 

They are simply made up of fabric. It is a type of window covering that you can lower or raise with the help of a cord or ring that’s sewn on the back of the fabric. It is one of the most popular windows covering shade form. Its drapes are soft and, when lowered or raised into folds, are crisp and arranged into symmetrically horizontal pleats. They are quite cheap to install. Aesthetic-wise, they give an elegant look to the room. NYCITYLIGHTS has various styles, colors, fabric materials, patterns to choose from.

  • Motorized skylights 

They come in a wide variety of color opacity options which include light filtering, sunscreens, and blackout fabrics. They are flame resistant. We’ve designed it in such a way that that will regulate the lightning, cooling heating no matter completely opened, closed, or anything in the mid of it. We tend to work with all types of windows, from simple to complex: from Roman shades to every other shade to highly adjustable and motorized framework. We have it all. We install skylight shades from manual to motorized as per your requirement. We have professional electricians to handle this task smoothly. There are many perks of electric skylight shade. One of the most liked ones is- you get to control how much amount sunlight you would want in a room whenever needed. So, anyone can enjoy sunbathing as much as they want inside a room. With a touch of control, you get total control of sunlight.

  • Honeycomb skylight shades 

They will protect your home from getting extremely hot during summers which means a great investment. as the name suggests, it is a hexagon-shaped structure. It blocks a lot of UV rays which also keeps you away from chances of skin cancer. It is designed in such a way that it will diffuse the harsh direct light. It opens beautifully and looks amazing from both inside and outside.

  • Roller skylight shades

They are the most common and simple skylight shades. They are most liked skylight shades as they’re relatively low in cost and simple. They’re made around a tube in which the fabric of your choice rolls up. Inside of it, there is a spring that controls the tension. Roller shades skylights vary from opaque, semi-sheer to sheer fabric. Sheer shades are best if you want to filter out UV rays from the atmosphere without compromising natural daylight. You can opt for the opaque fabric to completely block the light.

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Throwing light on our exceptional experience.

Every product is custom-made with so many fabric materials to choose from. You can trust NYCITYBLINDS service without any second thought. We are certified by topmost manufacturers such as Lutron, hunter, Rollease, Graber, Somfy. Serving their customers for over 25 years, we’re the most reliable brand whose motive is best customer service and providing our customers top-notch services from topmost brands. No matter how little the project is, we take it very sincerely and deliver our best service and exceptional products to all.

Start to work on your modern home dream with NYCITYBLINDS

NYCITYBLINDS does not only have your back specialized in skylight shades but also in bringing out your home aesthetic in comfort through selling and installing a variety of blinds, drapes, covers, and much more! As per your need. If you’re planning to get any treatment, begin with us, we will provide an in-home consultation with our best designer free of cost. You can also get a more detailed video on their website where you can get the idea of the final look. Book your slot with us today!