Is it even okay to talk about it?

A lot of us must have heard the term ‘mental health’ but never really wrapped our head around the idea of what it actually meant and was. It is completely okay to talk about your feelings and emotions out loud because they and you, both matter. If we look at the word, the word health seems familiar in terms of well-being but what does mental mean? Does it imply towards being crazy or unstable in the brain? NO.

What is mental health?

Mental health is the psychological well-being of someone. Mental health is an important aspect of lifestyle which directly or indirectly effects physical health as well as emotional health. To live a lively, balanced and happy lifestyle, it gets important to take care of yourself. According to the National Alliance Of Mental Illness (NAMI), there are one in five mental health issues reported which makes the total number to 40 million adults per year.

Why is it important?

Our mental health is interconnected with our physical, psychological and emotional health which means that it is important to keep it balanced. The impacts are huge and go beyond our own body, reflecting in our actions, social behavior, thinking and perception. Mental health is also associated with our decision making process, our coping mechanism and our reflexes.

How can we take care of ourselves?

Being healthy and fit can improve our day to day lifestyle and routine in multiple ways that are not really appreciated generally. Our relationships, friendships, work and studies all rotate around how we truly feel in the head. So much so, our productivity and ability to strive are also connected with our moods. If a person is not feeling the energy to do stuff, he will not do it wholeheartedly. Mental health gives you the power to adapt and sustain.

It is not emphasized enough on how much we need to take care of our mental health just as we do for our physical maintenance by hitting the gym or consuming healthy food items. There are many ways including self-care that should be incorporated to feel fulfilled and content. There are small things in life that if appreciated, improve mental health in the moment as well as in the long run. We need to identify what makes us happy and serene. They can be things like reading a good book, walking on wet grass, eating a good meal etc. Even though these things might seem very average or insignificant but once they are practiced, they add up to be one of the bigger things in life.

Apart from this, there are some natural methods to get over mild restlessness. They can be sleeping for a good eight hours at night, eating a balanced meal, consuming herbal teas like green tea and kratom powder, which calm the body down and produce euphoric effects.

When is it okay to reach for help?

Even though no mental health condition is small, but if you feel like none of the things are helping you out or there is absolutely nothing in this world that gives you happiness, then don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend of family member. It is important to make yourself understand that you are not alone in this and that it is okay to seek help or therapy. Living a happy life is something that everyone deserves. There are shortcomings in life that can be overcome by talking to people about it who genuinely support you and wish well for you.


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