Candle boxes

Natural Candles can Be More Impressive than You Ever Have Expected

When it comes to relaxation, is there any better way to create a cozy atmosphere than with a candle? The warm golden glow. The soft, flickering shadows and the delicious aromas. In preparation for The Candle Issue, we’ve burned through more than our fair share of candles, and without a doubt, our favorites are those made with natural ingredients. If you’ve not already switched to natural candles, don’t wait any longer. There are so many benefits that you’ll never want to go back.

What are Natural Candles?

With natural candles, you won’t be risking exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Wicks made from natural materials such as cotton, hemp, or wood are a better option than metal-cored wicks, which can release toxins and even traces of lead in the worst cases. They are also known as candles made from vegetables and can easily be made at home. The homemade candles are definitely free of any kind of toxic elements which makes them more beneficial in the long run. They can easily be packed in precisely designed candle boxes and sold out.

Benefits of Natural Candles

  • They are 100% natural and do not emit toxic into the air. Any combustion is going to emit a certain amount of CO2, but it is still a healthier and more environmentally friendly option.
  • Unlike decorative paraffin candles, soy wax is a renewable resource and does not promote the petrochemical industry.
  • They last longer, up to 2-3 times longer than conventional paraffin candles.
  • Natural wax is biodegradable, so it’s easier to clean spills and re-use empty candle containers.
  • This lower melting point also causes the soy candle to burn completely, so there is no candle waste because it is fully utilized.
  • Also this advantage of temperature and its natural origin makes it can be used for massage candles.
  • The natural candle flame does not dirty walls or furniture.
  • Soy wax is easy to clean. It is soluble in water, so a little soap and water is enough to clean wax residues on fabrics or other materials.
  • Though natural candles are becoming more readily available in select stores, there are also many artisans creating all-natural candles. Consider supporting them rather than the big-box shops.

Natural Candles can be Elegant

If you are thinking that natural candles are not worth presenting in the market, then you are not correct here. Natural candles have a perfect appearance to increase the indoor ambiance of your home. Moreover, they can be used as a decoration piece and not only for lighting up purposes. There are numerous ways through which the elegance of these candles can be enhanced. The utilizing of a color ingredient can give these candles a desired color. Moreover, the can also be filled into jars for safety purposes. Jar candles are more preferable by the people due to the fact that they are safe and create a lasting impact on the viewers.

Hence, it is proved that natural candles are not less than any other chemical candle in the appearance. Unlike paraffin candles, these candles are less harmful and you won’t be finding yourself in trouble with them. Natural candles are easy to handle and can easily be used for various purposes as well as easy to be packed inside custom candle boxes. So, all you have to do is choose the best color for these natural candles depending upon their usage. There is also a need to understand that creativity is always possible with natural candles so you don’t have to depend upon paraffin candles always to be aesthetic.