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Pace Up English Learning With These Quick Tips

English language rocks. As compared to many other languages in the world, it is considered more manageable and more accessible to learn. The internet is already flooded with tips and tricks to sharpen English skills. But with 750,000 words and spellings can make it hard to understand it faster. But with the right strategy on your table, you can accelerate the process. Take a look at the awesome tricks written below-

1. Reading Everything That Comes Your Way

To learn English quickly, you should catch everything that goes by your vision. Be it any medium, classic literature, websites, paperbacks, emails, and social media feed, read everything you can get your hands on. You go through various types of content in the day will juice up new vocabulary words in your dictionary. Reading is a must to build your vocabulary arsenal. You learn new phrases, expressions, idioms. It helps to reinforce new words in your mind and improve them when used.

2. Noting Down New Vocabulary

Actively jotting down all the words you learn works magically. We know that everything that we come across, new phrases or types of writing, never sticks the first time. You can use many online tools or take some funky notebook to write them down. Make sure you write the word in context every time you hear or read it. 

3. Subscribe To Podcasts

Do you like cooking? Like listening to the news? Politics or something else? There is some English spoken podcast for every topic that interests you. One always some free time to listen to them and add up to their language proficiency. Listening during the commute to school or tuitions is always a way out. If you find it challenging to understand every word that is being said, keep calm. With time, you will gain the expertise and knowledge to pick every sentence’s meaning in the podcast.

4. Keep TheCuriosity Alive

Ask a lot of questions. The curiosity in your blood will keep the language learner gain fluency. During the process, you would come across a mountain of problems. So, rather than keeping them in your heart, ask them out. Never make the mistake of sitting on your doubts. It will degrade your performance and take you in the back seat. 

What to do if you are learning alone?

Don’t worry at all. Technology never keeps one alone. There are millions of online resources available to help you master the language of your choice. One of them is It is an online platform where you can learn many elements of the language. You will find answers to almost all types of queries through this platform. 

5. Listening To Interviews

Taking the lead from the stars is beneficial too. To make the process exciting and interesting, pick a native English singer or actor. After heading online, take a bunch of interviews, sit back and observe them. See how well they use the tone and pronounce a simple word. It will help you give you an idea of the phonetics alphabet. Take time to note down the slang words, expressions. The next day, watch them for gist. 

6. Keep Up The Josh

Don’t dishearten yourself while struggling. Learning something new takes passion, time, and patience. Eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind and ban them from your vocabulary. They also take up your energy and degrade them. Give yourself positive energy daily so that you can keep up the pace and learn well. Say this to yourself that you are improving with every passing day. You are becoming better than yesterday self should be the primary goal. 

7. Practice, Practice, and Practice

To become an expert, you need to practice for 10,000 hours, as said by Malcolm Gladwell. Yes, these are a lot of hours. So, start putting more and more hours into your course. Start with some solid tips to avoid committing mistakes. The more you learn, the better you become. Start with listening resources that are readily available online. Moreover, you can also go for TV shows and movies if you want to get a visual aspect of learning English. 

The Final Words

First thing first, recognize that English is not a straight line. You have to strengthen your mind. Also, keeping a language journal or log will help you. Use general speaking strategies to improve your skills. When you are motivated, learning becomes easy. Work on pronunciation as well. Get lots of input and make sure you practice the right thing. It will help you get better future output. Fulfill your dream of communicating with fluent English. You will be able to get the best results when you move with dedication and passion. Being consistent and accountable is also needed to stick to a goal.