Poladay Teeth Whitening Gel, Whitening Stained and Discolored Teeth within a Few Minutes

beautiful smile

Life can be much happier and easier if you own a beautiful smile. It boosts your confidence, brings you closer to people, and turns you into an important person in the group. Stained and discolored teeth work exactly in the opposite way. Such teeth make you shy, cause a lack of confidence, and many other troubles in your life!

Why face adverse consequences of dirty and stained teeth, when you can whiten your teeth easily at home? Try the Poladay teeth whitening solution to make your teeth brighter and whiter at home. It works way better than other cures available in the market. Continue reading to reveal more about the problem and its effective solution. 

Why do teeth get discolored and stained?

Every person wants to get pearly white teeth. Such teeth are a sign that you take proper care of your oral health. Stained and dirty teeth indicate that you are a careless person. Nobody wants to become that person, but why our teeth get discolored? What causes stains on teeth? You can prevent this problem in the future if you know the answer!

The following things cause discoloration of teeth:

  • Foods like apples, potatoes, vegetables, and beverages such as colas, coffee, wines, and tees are known for staining teeth. 
  • Regular smoking and tobacco chewing also result in stained teeth. 
  • People, who do not maintain proper dental and oral hygiene, also get stained teeth. Your mouth can produce enough stain-causing substances to discolor teeth if you don’t brush, rinse, and floss your teeth daily. 
  • Your teeth may also get discolored due to several diseases, which affect dentin and enamel. Many people get discolored teeth due to the side-effects of medications. 
  • Other factors, such as aging, dental materials, genetics, and environment are also responsible for teeth discoloration. 

Different people get discolored teeth due to different causes. So, if you see someone with stained teeth, do not presume that person is a smoker or coffee lover. The Poladay teeth whitening gel is a reliable cure to turn yellowish teeth into pearly white teeth. You should use this product for yourself and also suggest it to others. 

Does Poladay teeth whitening gel work?

The Poladay teeth whitening gel is a high viscosity teeth whitening gel. It is a natural ph tooth whitener, which works way better than any other teeth whitening solution. It also plays a crucial role to reduce teeth sensitivity and improve overall oral health. That’s why it is a trusted cure for the problem. 

You can trust this gel as a natural soother and conditioner. You get a high molecular weight thickener to minimize the tacky feeling. It also reduces the drying effects of this gel to prevent teeth sensitivity.  

This teeth whitener supplies high water content to rehydrate the enamel layer of your teeth. The high water content also plays a crucial role in reducing teeth sensitivity. Hence it is a high viscosity gel, you can easily place in the tray for the treatment. It will stay in the tray until you remove the tray. 

Unlike other teeth whitening solution, this gel tastes pretty great. It tastes like a spearmint gel. The regular use of this gel will make your teeth whiter and brighter. Thus, you can remove teeth stains within a few weeks. 

How to get the Poladay teeth whitening gel?

Thousands of people have bought this gel online. They used it for a few weeks and got white teeth after regular treatment. It works fast and effectively. You experience minimum teeth sensitivity and get a pearly white smile after using teeth whitening gel. So, buy it online and try it every day. It won’t cause any side effect, but it will make your teeth whiter and brighter than before.


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