What Is Power BI And How Does It Work?


Data is one of the critical elements that lets any business thrive. It holds the potential to change the future of your organisation in the way you analyse and process it. Without sorting out data by professionals who have a Microsoft Power BI certification, it is impossible to get your hands on meaningful information that will push your business forward.

The amount of data being generated today is enormous. No human possesses the capacity to draw inferences on such a massive quantity of data within a given time. But the task does not remain unaccomplished, thanks to the Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft’s Power BI.

If you’re looking forward to working on a platform that assists the business in gaining correct and helpful insights from raw data fed into it, then Power BI is your calling. In this article, we shall embark on a journey to understand what Power BI is, how it works, what job prospects it holds, and how you can prepare for Power BI certification.

Understanding Power BI

Power BI is a collective term used for a variety of cloud-based applications and services provided to businesses and organisations for managing data and gathering meaningful conclusions from it, in an interactive and user-friendly way. It does not matter whether your data is in the form of an Excel sheet or stored in cloud-based or even on-premise apps.

How Does Power BI Work?

It is quite clear that the primary function of Power BI is to collect, analyse and manage data to present insights or on-going trends in the market with understandable visuals like charts, graphs, maps, etc.

With machine learning abilities incorporated within it, Power BI is indeed powerful.

Not only does it provide you with a look into the past business strategies followed by your organisation based upon the data of that time, but also does it intelligibly forecasts the coming changes that your business might have to face in the future.

There are three ways to access Power BI.

Power BI Desktop

It is a free desktop application that you can install and run on your computer right away. Included in all Office 365 plans, you can get a hold of advanced data processing services like exploration, modelling, report generation, etc.

Power BI Service

Available on Microsoft’s cloud- Azure, Power BI service includes the full version of Power BI with two plan options: Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

Power BI Report Server

For organisations that cannot upload their data on cloud platforms, Power BI Report Server provides the option for accessing it on-premise, taking advantage of Power BI Premium services as well.

Job Prospects Under Power BI

The scope that this Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool holds is incredible. With proper Power BI training, you can excel in any field you want. Following are the job profiles you can fill in:

  1. Business Intelligence Architect
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Data Analysts
  4. BI Developer

The need for Power BI is increasing day-by-day, which directly opens up numerous job opportunities for IT enthusiasts. By enrolling yourself for a Power BI courseand getting certified, you can get entry-level as well as expert-level positions in the leading organisations of the world.

How To Prepare For Microsoft’s Power BI Certification?

Power BI certifications from Microsoft are more important than your college degree since they testify your skills and knowledge in the respective field and proves your worth as an asset to a particular organisation. You can earn these certifications by successfully passing examinations and getting your abilities assessed.

IT experts like Koenig Solutions offer the best Power BI study material and courses for prepping up for the exam. It is accessible from any part of the world and at flexible hours, you can gain an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, with the Power BI certification cost being reasonable.

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The demand for Business Intelligence tools is rocketing in today’s era because of tons of data being generated every minute, which if not handled properly, becomes a liability. Tools like Power BI have just entered the field and are being highly recognised for assisting businesses and organisations in managing big data.

Its scope remains fathomless, begetting countless opportunities for IT aspirants. If your interest lies in data analysis and business intelligence, then Power BI is the ultimate destination to work at for you.


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