Predictive Dialer Software: A Perfect Tool to Improve Sales Campaign

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Predictive Dialer Software: A Perfect Tool to Improve Sales Campaign

Are you looking for the best way to enhance your sales campaign? If yes, then predictive dialer software can be the best marketing tool for your promotional requirements. A predictive dialer is an automated phone dialing system that allows call/contact center agents to significantly increase their number of live connections. This dialer software for call center filters out unanswered calls, disconnected lines, fax machines, busy signals, and various other automatic devices, and engage agents simply to calls that are actually answered by real people. The key idea behind a predictive dialer is to help manage things better for an outbound call center. It allows the agents to understand the needs of the customer and provide them with a solution at the earliest. 

The dialer automatically dials from a database of phone numbers and connects callers to agents by using the information provided by customers’ previous contact information. This allows for more direct communication between an agent and a prospect. The information collected including names and addresses can further be used by the companies to measure the effectiveness of their sales team and marketing campaigns. A right predictive dialing solution comes with features like call logging, call recording, etc. These features help agents save a lot of time and allow them to focus on connecting bigger potential leads, closing the sales quickly and effectively.

How Predictive Dialer Can Enhance Sales Campaign?

Campaigns are generally made to achieve the targeted goals of the business. The dialer enables call center managers to create multiple campaigns from the same login. Moreover, managers can easily customize marketing campaigns according to their needs. A Predictive dialer can help enhance sales campaign and increase sales team productivity in the following ways:

  • Saves a Lot of Time by Dialing Numbers Automatically

With predictive dialer software, sales agents need not spend a lot of their time deciding which prospect to call and then dialing each number manually. Predictive dialer completely eliminates the repetitive task of dialing numbers manually. It automatically calls the numbers from the campaign list, while eliminating the need to decide which number to dial and in which pattern from the campaign list. Moreover, the predictive dialer software for call center will only connect agents with the answered and active calls. This way it helps to save a lot of time and allows agents to focus only on productive conversions and winning sales. 

  • Create and Save Notes While On the Call

With a predictive dialer, sales agents can easily perform all the follow-up work after the calls including writing notes, moving the deal ahead, and various other things. Also, agents are not required to do a manual search to check the contact details of the caller. Predictive dialer comes with superior features like creating and savings notes while on the call. Moreover, agents can rate the call and set disposition code as well and immediately jump on to the next call without wasting their time. The disposition code is basically tagging the contact with the call outcomes. It can be anything like ‘interested’, ‘follow-up’, and so on. Contacts can be segregated as per the disposition codes. Based on the disposition codes that have been set for the leads, sales agents can create new campaigns and workflows. Another best thing about this outbound call center software is that all the notes, call summary, and disposition codes can be saved in respective CRM. 

  • Increased Talk Time and Meaningful Conversations

Predictive dialer helps in minimizing idle time and improving call connect ratio, allowing agents to spend more time talking to the prospects and current customers on call. In the case of inbound calls, agents can directly go to the contact profile in the CRM and see all details and previous conversations. In all, with predictive dialer, agents can easily manage the outbound campaign, while handling all the incoming calls. 

  • Easy Call Monitoring, Reporting, and Analytics

Managers at any call center need to keep a constant eye on the performance of their representatives. However, it becomes quite difficult to monitor the activities of the sales representatives on a heavy outbound calling campaign. A predictive dialer can be really beneficial in such a situation. Predictive Dialer’s comprehensive analytics dashboard and reporting options make it much easier to measure the performance of campaigns as well as agents. Tracking of multiple metrics like the total number of dialed calls, average call duration, total call duration, and others, assists sales managers to analyze the performance of the sales representatives.


A predictive dialer is undoubtedly a valuable tool for any business. With predictive dialer software, businesses can improve their marketing campaign and increase their sales revenue. If you have an existing database of customers and have developed better relations with them, a predictive dialer provides a great way to build rapport with your customers and make the call easier for them to complete. Just make certain that the predictive dialer is programmed correctly in order to work effectively. Moreover, it should be easy to install and maintain to obtain the best possible results. 


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